Christians do not care if others damned

If you worry that bad things will happen, this is inconsistent with the notion of an all-good God who is in control of all things. If there is no God, anxiety is useless. If there is a God, it is also useless. And there is the additional problem of doubting that he is really taking control in a helpful way. That idea adds to the problems as if anxiety isn't irrational enough! Perhaps if God lets something bad happen to us for a good reason, it does not mean we have to be happy about it. Perhaps being worried if we get sick does not mean we lack faith in God. Christians say that if you are seriously ill, you can be glad that your suffering is not worse and you can be upset that you suffer and there is nothing wrong with that.
It is baffling how Christians who believe that their loved ones and friends will go to Hell unless they repent can be happy. The only possible answer they have is, "I refuse to worry about those others. I will worry about myself. It is up to God to decide if they will go to Hell not me." If a parent let a toddler wander about on a dual carriageway unsupervised, would you expect them to say, "I refuse to worry about the child. I will worry about myself. It is up to God to decide if she will be okay not me." You would consider the parent to be a psychopath for not worrying. No sane person who truly believes people can suffer terribly for all eternity in Hell will avoid worrying. Worrying is useless but that is not the point. To say you will not worry because it is up to God to judge is one hell of a strange argument. The problem is that God will judge at least some of them or perhaps all of them. It being up to God to judge is a reason to worry not a reason not to worry. Even if worry is irrational, one thing is for sure, if Hell exists then it would be irrational NOT to worry about it. Worry is rational if something so horrific can really happen to a person. If you really believe in Hell you will worry more in case somebody will go to it than you will worry about them getting sick or dying. The letter of James says that if faith does not match actions it is not really faith. Human nature makes people say lots of things they do not mean. If Christians really believed in Hell and it was not just their wishful thinking that it should exist, they would be in the throes of despair and fear if not for themselves then for others. Those who do believe only care only for themselves.
Paul in the Bible claims to be greatly tormented at the thought of how Israel rejected Christ and said if possible he would be happy to be condemned in its place. This clearly shows there is Biblical warrant for being torn apart with worry and sorrow. Please read Romans 9. He did not condone happy clappy Christians who are smug in their own salvation while anticipating Hell or the risk of Hell for their friends and family.


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