MAIN POINTS: Nature makes hallucinations and you test with nature to discover them.  If there is a paranormal or supernatural it can make hallucinations too.  For that there is no test.  A hallucination can teach you truth and still be a hallucination.  Science needs you to use the natural as the way to get to truth so science rejects the possibility of any hallucination but natural.  Religion should be a matter of opinion and thus encourage you to think you have a god or genie in your fridge if you want to think there is. If you want to stay sane and honest then be scientific only.

“It is a commonplace of child psychology that both children and adolescents have considerable eidetic gifts and are able to visualise as outside themselves objects that present themselves to their conscious - or subconscious - imagination. These need not be regarded as hallucinations, for they will occur in perfectly normal children.” From Mary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion.

The book tells us that Karl Rahner outlined the test done by C M Staehlin on six boys to see how things would go if they were influenced to think they could see a battle in the sky above a specific tree. Two did not see a thing. Four did. Two boys reported the battle sounds. But all in all their accounts were so similar that you would think they had a real vision. Steps had been taken to ensure that they were not copying their stories off one another. They spontaneously agreed in the main and essential details.


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