Choosing your parents?

Some belief systems say that you choose to be born and not only that but where and when. They say you do this to learn and to fulfil a purpose.

If you have that much control then you must know if you appear in the womb if you will die in a miscarriage or abortion. You must agree to that. Is it really right to accuse a foetus of killing itself in this indirect way? You need proof before you can accuse. And there is and can be no proof.

A malnourished and destitute couple will make love or have sex. Can we believe that a spirit that loved them as a human being in a previous life, will want to be with them so much that it will incarnate itself and so conception will take place even at the risk of miscarriage or starving to death?

This doctrine seems charming. If we have all chosen our births in order to love then we are amazing. No matter how bad we seem to be, the truth is that the falling short is only a part of the picture and the whole picture shows how full of love and compassion we are. Everybody is a saint - if you take saint to mean a great person.

But it is superficial.

No truly caring spirit becomes a foetus for five minutes to risk the parent's happiness forever.

We do not plan our lives on earth before birth. If we live before birth and can make choices then the choice we made is to take risks. If it was all planned there would be no risks. Life wouldn't feel that special.

Some ask if we need to know what the risks are if we incarnate ourselves having chosen our parents. Not when we value being material beings so much. We can't know everything anyway. There will always be risks. We must help others as best we can. We refuse to believe that any God may will people to suffer or that they have chosen to suffer.

There is no reason to believe that we choose our lives or the risks we take before we come into this world. People who want to believe you choose your fate, are trying to feel good by blaming you for the bad things in your life. It makes them feel less guilty and takes the responsibility to help away from them.


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