Jesus said you know the tree or the prophet when the fruit comes.  He pointed out a truly good prophet who is working for God can get grapes from dead trees.

The good fruits of Christianity are supposed to be evidence for the divine origin of the Church. Jesus told simple plain people that they could tell false prophets by the bad fruits they would produce. This was in complete contradiction to his and the apostles’ doctrine that man’s good works were just a sham and were full of moral pollution and ulterior motives for man is naturally anti-God but let us forget that for the moment. But most Christians abuse their faith for they are hypocrites. If that is not a bad fruit then nothing is so Christianity is a hoax.

Some suppose Christianity can be true and the bad fruits fail to prove it false because you never condemn something by its abuse. But if a religion is not from God and claims it is then this argument does not apply.  It only applies to true godly and divinely inspired religions.

A Buddhist prophet could be a real prophet and produce bad fruits so how would you be able to tell a true prophet from a false on the basis of fruits unless you affirm that a prophet abusing his religion proves that his religion is false?

When the gospels put in such a shocking evidence for Christianity it is obvious that they were unable to do any better and the resurrection and the miracles that allegedly verified the faith are proven to be too legendary to be of any help. The early Church admitted this when it used the fruits argument. Who knows, maybe the fruits argument was a deliberate hint that the gospels were tongue in cheek!

Christianity is a religion of mercy that is really a thin disguise for condoning evil. Christianity teaches that you can convert on your deathbed after a life of evil and that is fine. A religion that teaches things like that has no business presenting its good works as good fruits that support its claim to divine origin for then its good works are done in spite of it and not because of it. To have the right to use the argument the religion has to encourage good in its teaching and practice it.

Jesus supposedly obeyed God to death in our place.  The salvation that Jesus won for us on the cross is a licence to sin which is why nobody should be surprised if the Protestant idea that because of Jesus we can die in serious sin and still go to Heaven provided we have been saved by receiving Jesus by faith in the past is true.

Another bad fruit of the Catholic Church, and Christian Church in general, is how the cult teaches that evil is bad and useless for it breeds evil and then says that evil has a purpose in God’s plan! They are saying that God is evil and then surreptitiously denying it. They also praise a saint who dies young because of doing too much penance and praying as a martyr because this is God’s will while they condemn you mildly hurting another person though you think you should. So what the most important person in your life – you! – thinks does not count and God does even though you can’t be as sure he exists as that you do! That’s terrible.

Another bad fruit, not just a Christian one, is how a religion is caught lying and cheating and abusing children and producing only hypocrites can and usually does survive it.  Any other organisation would implode or be dismanted.  And that is what woudl happen if insiders and outsiders had any decency.  Parents are to blame for it.
To teach that a person can suffer terribly in this life and go to an endless Hell from which escape is impossible makes one breathless at the thought of how vicious this is for other softer beliefs are possible. You could believe something more kindly. It cannot be denied that if you compose an organisation that teaches eternal punishing, you and the denizens of that organisation should live miraculously exemplary lives. Why? Because when your corporation teaches something so bloody awful it has to be extremely responsible for the same reason that an executioner should be a very good person for the one that executes justice in such a serious way should practice it to perfection. The Church might respond that Jesus taught it not the Church. But the Church has decided to believe in Jesus meaning the Church is teaching it too. Since we cannot prove Jesus taught it, it is clear that it is the Church more than him. It follows then that the sins of the Church are all indeed very very serious in intent. Salvation would be impossible in this scenario. It is proven by this that the Church does not decrease sin but increases it assuming sin is a meaningful term. Remember the more sinful you become doesn’t mean that you will necessarily do things that are more obviously antisocial. A charming seemingly caring person who everybody likes could be the most effective tool Satan can have.
The good fruits of Christianity are put forward as evidence that it is the religion God set up to do his work and let him work in us. The good fruits of Christianity are supposed to be evidence for the divine origin of the Church. But the faith says that if you live a life of evil and repent on your deathbed it is okay. So any good fruits are not really necessary! So what right has it to boast then?


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