An Occult Argument against going to Church

The magic promise of Christianity that you will never be alone or feel alone is actually the biggest magic possible. What use is it being able to cause the sun to rise if you cannot feel secure forever?  The magic promise is very cruel for everybody including even Jesus had spiritual dry ups that were crippling and despairing.

Going to Church cannot be recommended as it is triggering harmful magic and a denial that you are God and part of God.
The beliefs of the Church inflict harm on us in all kinds of invisible and supernatural ways. To associate with a Church would be like associating with and supporting a drugs company that gives out harmful drugs. It is associating with something you know is going to harm you and others and those who participate. Going to weddings and funerals as a passive visitor must be the limit for your own sake. Even then some harm is done.
Nothing confers divinity on you. You confer it on yourself.
To receive the blessings of your divinity and to create paradise for yourself on earth, you must act as if you have received these divine blessings. You must act divine so you don’t need the Church. By going to Church, you would be saying no to the blessings you have commanded the universe to grant you.
Do not give the Church money to spread its errors.
The Church says God gives us the power to do good and evil and has made a world of suffering and does all this for a good purpose. This attitude urges you to welcome suffering because God needs it for a reason. God religion is grossly offensive to the sick and to the suffering of the world it hypocritically helps.
If people expect complete deliverance from suffering one day, surely that is selfish and arrogant?
The doctrines of the Church are a distraction from the things that really matter and we must remember that only that which builds up self-esteem and the divinisation of people is good. And we build both with the simplicity and beauty of our message. Whatever is not for it is against it. And the Church speaks falsehoods against the truth about the power of love, the power of magic.
Give yourself and your magical abilities the credit!

You need to believe that anything wonderful or good that happens to you happens through your magic. Your personal power works invisibly to draw those blessings to you. If you believe that it is angels or God that blesses you with these things then how can you be grateful for they will not be doing them for you but to fulfil a plan that involves you. If God gives you a place in college so that you might become a doctor to save the lives of people who worship him then he is not doing it for you but for the good of others and how could you be grateful? Taste the truth and see that you are your own God and your own miracle-worker and gratitude will work its transforming and delightful enchantments on you.

Believe that the good things you receive are brought to you by magic. You need to believe in magic to maintain a sense of gratitude for all that improves your life. If you deny the supernatural, if you deny that there is a benevolent force helping you, then you will miss out on enjoying the feeling of gratitude. If nobody helps you in your life, you will still have something to be grateful to. Even if belief in magic is a delusion, it is a necessary delusion. Feeling grateful all the time to magic makes you happier and a better person.
Catholics are initiated into Church membership by baptism. Jews are initiated by circumcision. As long as your baptism or circumcision isn’t renounced at least implicitly, you will be under its adverse occult effects for they are intended to be a permanent initiation. Forces will be trying to control you to make you a Christian or a Jew. They will dilute your magical powers.  These must be renounced and the most powerful way is to send a letter to your church saying you wish to be free of it and that you consider your initiation revoked.  You must formally defect. Baptism is claimed to confer grace which is supernatural power from God. It is more occult than circumcision could ever be.
Everybody uses magic whenever they think. We must work for the correction of wrong beliefs. If people will not be persuaded that their beliefs are wrong, then we must try and convince them that they don’t know that these beliefs are true. Not knowing is harmless but wrong belief sends twisted energy into the cosmos. It distorts and lies and pollutes and becomes psychic poison and all the negativity that was, and is, and is yet to be, is rooted in it. The most dangerous form of belief is religious belief for it is accompanied by a strong wish that the belief be true and is the strongest opponent of the right of man and woman to proclaim themselves God of their own lives.
COMMENT: You can feel you can take the credit for what you have without believing in magic. Magic would imply that you cannot take all or much of the credit for it for magic is about manipulating forces bigger than yourself because you don't believe that you can get the blessings without magic and on your own initiative. Magic degrades you even if it feels good. Magic proves that subservience to magical beings such as God is demeaning.
Catholics believe that demons can bother you without it being your fault. They speak of familial spirits where demons bother a family line. And an occult person can send a demon to you. How do you know that priests and sacraments don't have the power to put demons in you? Remember those victims will have prayed for themselves and been prayed for and yet they didn't get peace and they needed the services of somebody to put the demons out. If demons can persist despite prayer then I wouldn't like to be too confident that the sacraments and exorcisms of the Church really help. If they seem to they merely seem to.


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