The Catholic Church will perform blessings on the relationship of those couples who are just living together and who she cannot marry. Many Protestant Churches will do the same. Yet she says it is wrong to bless living in sin even if the couple think is right for it is encouraging them.

It is worse to bless ones who believe they are sinners for that makes them feel happier in their sin. The Church won’t even ask them to clean their consciences which involves repenting their sin and ceasing to commit that sin again first.

God can’t bless people who are cut off from him by sin and it is blasphemy to expect him to. The only thing the blessing will do if it works is split them up.

And if the couple don’t have sex the Church is still blessing something that is a dangerous temptation in her eyes.

The Church believes that blessings are bad for she won’t do them for homosexual couples no matter how good the partners are for one another and their conscience is clear but is happy to bless heterosexuals who are not bothered about being in what they believe to be a state of mortal sin.
If divorce is immoral then you cannot congratulate a person who was divorced and who has met somebody new. If you really believe that they are doing wrong then you are encouraging them to bring harm on themselves. You can’t be happy when your homosexual friend gets a man and seems more happy than ever before. Frankly, there can be no satisfaction in being congratulated by a Christian who frowns on your life for you know they are being false and think different from the way they are acting.
Even if you believe you have not done wrong by getting divorced and remarried the Church will bar you from receiving holy communion at the altar for you are still a bad person. You are setting a bad example to others in a serious matter, you are harming yourself and your partner and harming marriage and since the Church claims to be inspired by God you would see the Church was right if you wanted to look with the help of God. The Church says it cannot accommodate every deviation from its teaching and since the Church is a body of teaching it follows that it has the right to refuse communion at the altar to preserve that teaching and show that it is taken seriously.
This shows that Churches are for stopping you having your own opinion – they are only interested in the leadership’s opinion!
To seek a blessing from a Church and a God that wishes there were no people who would go out with a divorced person or a homosexual person is quite strange.
They tell you we all desire perfect happiness which can only be found in God which is not true. We can be content with imperfect happiness. They are trying to ruin your happiness by making you dissatisfied with it so do not go to them or their God for a blessing. Don’t be that low.
The Church as the representative of a straight-talking God should speak its mind. I wish it would for it would save us critics a job trying to get people out of it. It steals the people who should be on our side for they would be if they knew what the Church was REALLY like.


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