Many people say they are in their religion because they could be in a lot worse. That is a terrible endorsement of their religion!

Catholics who leave the Church often say they disagree with the central and core beliefs. The implication is that they might have stayed if the disagreements were not over core beliefs but less important beliefs. Let us look at the way this works. The Catholic who thinks faith in Jesus is a bad thing for he was a fraud is rejecting a core belief of the Church. The Catholic who has no problem with Catholic doctrine except on the hot topics of contraception and same-sex marriage will say she accepts the core beliefs but believes the Church is wrong about contraception and same-sex marriage. But in principle there is no difference between our Catholics. Both of them are rejecting the core belief of the Church that God set up only one religion that is guaranteed to teach the whole truth. Both are rejecting the notion that the faith is reliable.  They are saying religion is just man fumbling.  Man is trying to make sense of God.  Catholicism is the result.  In other words it is a human creation.

Also, if it is true that Jesus gave the Church his authority it follows that he is the one lying to us if contraception is condemned as wrong when it is not wrong. To question a "minor" doctrine is to cast doubt on the core doctrines. In Catholicism, the core doctrines are really the sum of the other doctrines. They are core doctrines in that sense not in the sense that they are essential and other doctrines are not. For example, when the Church thinks of God as good it means a God who opposes contraception and gay-marriage as well as a God who is against hate.

To sum up, the Christian claim that the faith and Bible and Jesus are reliable enough to stake all for IS A CORE DOCTRINE.  You are lying if you say you can throw out a teaching of theirs for it is not a core one.  That is not the point.

The Church excommunicates heretics from membership. This is under Canon Law. Divine Law, a separate system of law, is the Law of God. If God sees that a Catholic is not a true Catholic, he marks that person down as an actor not a Catholic. Nobody should simply ask people to accept them as a Catholic. If they call themselves Catholic, the burden of proof is on them. They should not ask for recognition without providing evidence and the only real evidence is adherence to the Catholic faith.

If you are a Catholic and commit adultery you are a very bad person according to your faith and Catholic conscience. You deserve everlasting Hell unless you repent. You are showing you prefer your own way to that of God and others. Selfish people do good to satisfy the need in themselves and to help others though it results in helping others. The good they do is really hidden selfishness and is bad in the sense that you value only yourself in reality. It leads to spiritual blindness according to the faith gurus. Your good works will be nothing unless you repent. Catholic doctrine makes a person far worse when they are selfish.

If you are an atheist and you commit adultery you are not that bad. You don’t believe in Hell so you can’t mean to be that bad.

It is very important that unbelievers make sure that they are not numbered as Catholics on census forms. To tick the Catholic box is to virtually give the power of the Church a vote. To do this, it is necessary to have one’s name removed from the list the priest has of people who must contribute to the Church. It is necessary to stop going to Mass and cease to give the Church any money.

It is better to be a healthy and happy human being than a religious person. That is why the total rejection of Catholicism is not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. It is purifying the bathwater.

When you understand the proofs that Catholicism is deceitful and dangerous, you will see that you will have to officially leave it.

Any decent person leaves an organisation when the organisation does grave evil. What does it take for you leave? The Church has abused children. Don't say the Church did what it knew was wrong and that because some go wrong it doesn't mean the religion can't be a good thing and worth supporting. You would not be saying that about another religion. If a religion came to you with a wonderful message and the religion wasn't practicing it you would not enter the religion because of its disobedience.

Catholicism is worse than Protestantism in relation to the problem of clerics abusing children. Yet Catholicism claims to be the true religion. God should be able to make the true religion holier than the rest and to keep the ministry from having too many perverts and pervert sympathisers. The argument that the faith should still be supported despite the evil is therefore wrong. And to argue that way is simply to insult God.

It is not the pope and the bishops you must blame for the destructive anti-gay message of the Church. It is those who give them the money and who are listed as members of the Church. The members need leaders. The ordinary people are those who are ultimately to blame for the evil teaching and the vices that proceed from the leaders. They haven't spoken with their feet.

Authority must be obeyed whether it is right or wrong. If the boss orders you to use the fuck word in business letters that is what you must do. Authority is often bad but it is still needed. Chaos would be worse. You may say the Nazis reasoned like that and used the excuse, "Poor us! We were only obeying orders!" But in very serious cases authority should be defied to its face. However this defiance still considered a necessary evil and not a good thing. If you are in a religion that you have to do necessary evil for, that evil is actually unnecessary if you don't need to be in that religion.

Religion is only a small part of the lives of most believers and most people are not religious and still are good people. So religious authority cannot be justified because it is not a necessary evil. If religious authority is a necessary evil then it has the right to ban homosexuality and exclude practicing gay people if it pleases. Religious authority is not based on democracy.

Supporting gay rights and being a member of the Church is being contradictory. If religious authority is an unnecessary evil, then then there is an even bigger contradiction between supporting it and supporting gay rights. You can't be serious about gay rights if you support an unnecessary authority that opposes these rights and which teaches that they are wrong. To teach that homosexuality is wrong is to teach that there is no right to practice it and to have gay relationships safeguarded by the law. Even if religion tolerates homosexual relationships it cannot say that gay people have the right to declare homosexuality a right. The Church denies that there is a right to practice homosexuality for rights are based on the dignity and needs of the person while homosexuality is seen to be undignified.

As long as your name is on the member rolls of the Church, you are obligated to obey the authorities of the Church. The Christian Religion says that God needs to reveal his message to men who teach it to the people because there is so much we cannot understand. We must just obey. To pick and choose what authority says and what you like out of the faith is really to say the faith is man-made. Yet the basic attitude of Christianity is that the Christian faith is to be considered of divine and not merely human origin. To deny that is to cease to be a Christian in everything but name and outward appearance. Why would you want to be a Christian when you pick and choose? You are not even Christian then!

The Church opposes several human rights. Your sincerity in relation to the supporting of these rights can be doubted. Why? God has to tell us what we cannot know or understand he might know why some things that are harmless are in fact seriously wrong even if we can never know. To say God knows and has to tell us is to open the door to people who say God has said the practice of say homosexuality is wrong. You are diminishing the credibility of your work for gay rights. You are supporting doubt about the rightness of gay equality with heterosexuals.

The Church is based on lies and hypocrisy. For example, it allows you to tell a person, "That was a very bad thing you did, it was abominable. It upsets and angers me greatly". Bizarrely you are not allowed to say, "You were a very bad person when you did that." So you are allowed to judge the act but you are to pretend you are not judging the person. You can't judge one without the other. Worse it is not the act that is hateful it is the character of the person - in other words it is the kind of person that the act reveals that is hateful. Strictly speaking, hating the act is only a figure of speech. It is the person doing the act that is hateful. Is it any wonder there is so much "sin" in the Church with its hypocritical lies! And it is a lie that has to be told every minute and day in and day out.

People may sometimes confuse belief and faith. Belief is not certainty. But religious faith is regarded by the Bible and the Roman Catholic Church as a form of knowledge or certainty. This is a very dangerous attitude. Religious belief is bad enough but when the religionists start claiming to know they are right it causes a lot of trouble. Suppose a Muslim and a Roman Catholic are in the same room. The Muslim claims to know that the Koran and the Islamic faith is true. The Catholic claims to know that the Roman Catholic Church is the only right religion. Obviously at least one of them is deluded or lying. They must suspect each other of lying. Thus Catholics and Muslims making peace together is really just superficial. It cannot last. The devout Roman Catholic who says he knows that homosexuality is wrong must accuse the homosexual Christian who claims to know it is not wrong of self-deceit.

To support religion is to support people who pretend they know more than they should and to promote an arrogance that can lead only to war and persecution. No moral person stays in an immoral religion - or one that has teachings with immoral implications - when there is better out there.

A person may be evil in principle or in action. If you would kill a person but you help them then you are evil in principle but not in practice. Catholicism is intrinsically evil in principle and often in practice.

Everybody in the early 1900’s thought that traditional Christianity with all its superstitions and absurdities was dead. They were wrong. In America, Christianity that pretends there are no errors in the Bible and that the world was made by God in six days about six thousand years ago is now more powerful than it ever was and causes much hurt and time-wasting and foolishness. Don’t empower the Church to get back its control over people. It may not have much power now but that can change. The doctrines that should lead to the Church being able to exploit as it did in former days are still in force. Human nature is dangerously insane in relation to spiritual matters.

You cannot ignore commonsense and reason. You can only repress them. You can realise things unconsciously. For example, you can tell yourself you believe in God and you can refuse to let yourself see deep down that you do not. Do not harm yourself and do not fool yourself for religion.

The Roman Catholic faith is deceitful and often deliberately deceitful. Deceit is always harmful because it is degrading to yourself and the truth and therefore to others. It implies that if it is okay for you to deceive then others should do it too their own way. The ultimate result will be a world where education is impossible and there is nothing but mistrust.

The answer to those who condemn a religious system and stay in it in some way and who prop it up by giving it children, schools, money and a backside on the pew and who say, "I could be in worse" is "You already are." A bad genuine religion is preferable to a bad faked one that is a social custom pretending to be of faith.

If a religion is bad then people like you who are a hypocrite who stays for you could be in worse being in it does not help.  It adds to the problem with the religion. You can hardly moan about the religion when you are one of the factors making it bad.  All vile religions stay around for people reason they could be in worse.


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