A Christian critique of morality

Surprisingly some Christians are against the very reason Christianity the religion exists.  They eschew all ceremonies and religious trappings and argue that Christianity is not a religion but an informal relationship with Jesus.  The reason Churches thrive is because society wants ethics.

Here is their reasoning.  My comments in red.

Ethics refers to acts that are approved or disapproved for they are simply right or wrong. Or strictly speaking it refers to the choices that produce the acts.

Ethics is about three principles:
(1) "Good" exists in itself.
(2) "Good" is knowable (or sufficiently knowable) in itself.
(3) "Good" is do-able by oneself.

Christianity denies all three. It says that good cannot exist in itself but that good is somehow a person – God and goodness are one and the same. Jesus himself said that nothing is inherently good but God. By default that accuses the view that good exists of itself of being the top blasphemy and delusion. It makes morality an idol. It makes moralists who claim their teaching is inherently good to be hypocrites and paragons of fake humility.

Saying God is goodness is another way of trying to say good exists in itself.  And yet it denies it for goodness is obviously not the same as a person.  Notice the toxic condemnations of moralists.  This teaching is worse than the problem it highlights.

What about the view that when a person does anything that act is not good in itself or bad in itself? Advocates say that an act is only good in so far as it is you letting God work through you. To seek or have an objective morality that is not God is to make a laughing stock of right and wrong. God alone is inherently good or good by definition. No action can be the same.

Who cares about morality being inherently good?  It is enough that it is inherently good enough.  In fact a best but imperfect good deed is more inherently good than God because surely it is inherently good to try to be good?

Many say that if morality is seen as just about rule and guilt and virtue then it becomes a joke.  But what else is there?  It should be mainly and foundationally a relationship.

It does not follow that murder is bad for how it impacts a relationship.  It is as bad as ever relationship or not.  A relationship is not all about right and wrong.

The Bible story of Adam and Eve is supposed to be about them trying to have their own morality or to create morality instead of just connecting with God. That is what the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is about. They want a standard that may be the same as God’s but which pleases them for it is THEIR MORALITY that is independent of him. It is sinful for it is about humanity not God. Trying to make your own morality is saying you can and possibly do know what morality is. You also may think you can manage to be moral without any help from God. These things make it lies and delusion and legalistic. For this reason it will lead only to pretence and hidden evil. Morality is the one true idolatry for you turn God into a moral idea and a moral idea is just a thing or ideology.  No act is inherently good. Only God is inherently good.  Therefore no morality is inherently good.


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