“The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, ‘eternal fire.’ The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1035).


We do not suffer from being divorced from God in this world so if it hurts so much after death then clearly God is making sure it hurts.  No good man would do something to a woman to make her want him and suffer from being unable to have him.


Belief in things that are true should be allowed to develop naturally and the person's right to believe differently should be respected.  But God supposedly COMMANDS you to believe in Hell.  He just asks for belief in it but does not command you to believe the damned are there freely and won't leave or does not command you to believe it is not as terrible as traditionally depicted.  Belief in Hell is based on disrespect for yourself and others.   So don't pretend you care about those in Hell.


The natural instinct is that Hell is about religious man's hatred for those who defy his understanding of faith.  The Church says that if Hell exists then not warning people about it is what is hateful.  Some believers say that if Hell inspires hate then not warning people about it inspires more!  But if the doctrine is riddled with absurdities and suffers from a lack of evidence then the argument is irrelevant.  You can only say it is right to warn people about Hell if you are sure enough that Hell exists.


Hell is a doctrine of hate. Jesus said that unless we believe in him and get his forgiveness we will go to Hell forever at death deprived of mercy for all eternity.


If it is hate to send people to Hell forever for doing wrong then sending people there for not believing in Jesus or in something cannot compare to it in hate and evil.


It is hate to say that any person who dies separated from God by sin will suffer Hell forever. You need great proof before you can accuse anybody of deserving that or even before you can suggest people could deserve it. The gossip can believe it is loving to spread rumours to scare people into behaving better. That is bad but people who deceive themselves that they preach Hell to make us better people are simply diabolical.


Those who say that nobody makes you stay in Hell but yourself are saying you deserve it. If you were imprisoned there perhaps in theory you could deserve it. But there is even MORE deserving involved if the gate of hell is not locked and you know it.


The believers in Hell want to say Hell is inexcusable which is why they try to avoid blaming God in any way for it. But we easily make decisions final and then they are still changed later!  And a decision being final and unchangeable does not justify having no compassion for the sufferer.  If you make a bad choice it is that you condemn but once it is done it is a different matter for what is done is done.  Condemning somebody for locking themselves in prison does not entitle you to care no more after or to keep saying they deserve to be there for choosing it.  No - because of the irrevocable choice they made they need more compassion not less.  There is a difference between a person who locks themselves in Hell and throws the key away and one who just hangs the key up and won't use it.


The believers are not admitting that it is God’s fault. God is responsible for our free will for it is him who provides the faculty to go to Hell once and for all. You choose and he gives you what you choose and you choose because he enables you to.


The believers say today that Hell is a terrible evil and that God does all he can to keep us out of it. That is obvious nonsense. Are his best servants running the media? No. And the Bible is clear that completely antichrist murderers such as St Paul did change. The notion of being born again implies you needed to be virtually remade as a friend of God. The Bible says God is able to change the most hardened sinner.


When believers claim that Hell is a horrendous evil and inexcusable do not feel charmed. They are worried about the fact that it means the person in Hell gives God nothing back and not about how much the person suffers.


The Bible speaks of Hell as torment by eternal fire. Nothing indicates that this fire is a symbol. Some say the love of God is the fire of Hell but that does not mean there cannot be a real fire as well!! The notion that it is a symbol is just us reading our modern ideas back into the Bible writings.

People usually say we should not hate anybody because even if they do bad things that is not the whole picture – they have an even bigger good side. The doctrine of Hell claims that you will be so bad that you turn away from everybody and God and from happiness and not just for a while but forever. You can become ready for Hell in this life even though you won't seem totally bad! Obviously then Hell does away with the very reason for saying hate is bad. The doctrine is evil.



Hell is an evil doctrine . Christians say they believe it is not. But they say it's a mystery. If it is, then is it right to take the risk of colluding with evil? If Hell is evil then the Christian who does not mean any harm by believing it and teaching it (if such a Christian exists!) could be a good person in their heart but objectively speaking is supporting evil.


The mystery thing can be turned around. "If you say Hell could be a mystery why can't I say it is a mystery how you can be classed as good for affirming it?  Perhaps in some mysterious way you are evil?"  Or more accurately it turns itself around.  All you are doing is letting the person know that.


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