The notion that prisoners on death row when terminally ill should get euthanasia as capital punishment

The Bible officially approves of the death penalty and absolutely forbids euthanasia under the command not to murder or kill the innocent.  It gives these orders the highest possible sanction.  It says they came directly from God.  The rule was that if three witnesses could testify against you and they were cross-examined the execution must proceed.  Jesus himself said that anybody giving lower status to any commandment in the Old Testament Law would be punished for it in the afterlife.

The law books given by God do not ask for mercy for the adulterer or idolater or homosexual who turns themselves in and gets stoned to death as a result. He is clear that purging the evil out of the people is needed so there is no other way. That amounts to assisted dying.  The laws are not exactly coherent.  Monsters have always considered such confusion as opening the gate to allowing them to perform atrocities.  Many had to have been stoned to death without proper testimonies against them.  Vicious cruel laws that conflict with themselves are asking for that.

Pope John Paul II only allowed capital punishment in very exceptional circumstances which is against the tradition of the Church which allowed it liberally.

The law or the Bible legal-religious system is allowed to kill you for a crime but it is not allowed to kill you to end your unbearable suffering even if you have been a murderer yourself. Vengeance is made more important than helping. Then the Church tells you to kill yourself by neglecting contraception even if it means you will get AIDS or if a pregnancy will kill you. The Church allows sports like boxing and motor-racing which are not worth the death and suffering they cause despite the fact that they thrive on the instincts of anger and competitiveness which the Church sees as sinful. You may be risking your life every time you cross the road but that is not the same as risking it in the cause of entertainment.

What about a murderer who has motor-neurone disease? He will die slowly and horribly and no one can imagine what it will be like for him. If he has free will, he deserves to die for his murders. He should be put to death especially if he requests it for it is the kindest thing to do. He should be put to death by having euthanasia administered to him. That would be a case where capital punishment would be the right thing to mete out and if it is wrong then capital punishment is always wrong. To refuse a gentle execution to such a man would show great inhumanity.

Nobody likes the suggestion that you should be afforded euthanasia for being on death row!  They clearly see it as a good thing after all and too good for you!

Suppose euthanasia were morally right.  Suppose capital punishment is wrong.  Suppose you support assisted dying.  You cannot really strongly oppose executions for death is death.  It would be hypocritical to be strongly against them. It would be hateful to call those who support capital punishment murderers.  We are not saying you should not be against capital punishment - just you should not be too against it. 

What if you started to say that dangerous criminals who are terminally ill but still capable of killing should be afforded priority of being euthanised?

One thing is clear human nature is totally riddled with hypocrisy.  The virtue-signalling as exposed here is alarming the fake righteous will harm you and me one day.


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