If God is a projection that we use to fulfil some mental or emotional or psychological need then how does God being non-physical, disembodied, fit into this? We are told God is perfect and this is down to his being this immaterial spirit. That denies then that anything material is really perfect or can be.  Just because it is material and has parts it is vulnerable and so not perfect.

Does this spiritualised vision of God show that you have a problem with how you are a material being? Have you leanings towards dissociation from your animal nature?  If you are more animal than person as evolution says, then are you opposing what you are?


In time you will extend this self-abuse to others for they are material beings too and their material ways are perceived by you as a threat.  You think you will gradually become too much like them.

Physics at the present time seems largely persuaded by the evidence that there is no such thing as a time or space where there is literally not-anything. A something that has always existed seems certain. If reality inherently produces something then that eliminates the need for a creator.

When we look at nothing we find something, an energy that is close to being nothing or non-material but which is not. Religion talks about spirit which is seen as an entity without components and parts. That is, it is completely unified and non-physical. Science and logic show that there is no reason to go that far and end up making a guess that spirit exists. Spirit is metaphysical woo. There is not the slightest evidence that saying that something that has no parts at all is more than just a figment of the imagination.

Why do we imagine it?  Why do we want to imagine?  Because we want to think the real us is something special and worth more than all our material components put together.  That downgrades us.  It is asking to be treated as dirt if we have no magical spiritual side.  It is saying the latter matters most.


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