Empty morality is a denial that people matter enough to be given guidance

An empty morality is one that lays out principles but tells us nothing about how to live them in the world.  Some moralities tell us too little.

What is the emptiest morality of all?  The Christian one!  It seems with all its rules to be full but is it really?  Not when you strip it down.

Let us talk about motivation now.  If a motive starts, should it be about God or a very sick baby?  Motives are important for without them the right thing will not be done.  What motive should we morally stir up in ourselves?

Here is a choice.  It is A or B but not both.  A  is Christian doctrine and B is just beyond all religion.

A     The doctrine that God alone matters.  If all value comes from God then it follows to value a baby he has made is really about valuing God.  Christ was right to teach this for he told us to love God with our complete being. 

B      Feeling you must help save the baby you have found from death.

Imagine it has to be one or the other.  Religion cannot say that you can choose B. B is not an option.  It cannot say that A is the most important option.  That insults God.  It is the ONLY important option.

So the one essential moral doctrine is the duty to b motivated to love God.  But that is a rather empty doctrine.  An empty morality that is about principle but gives you no practical advice is just a turn-off.  An empty morality leads to people doing what they understand to be bad while pretending that they do it with the best of intentions.  And it bans you from questioning their good intentions.  There is no point in God commanding you to look after your neighbour.  Jesus made out that God does command that.  He never said it follows necessarily from the duty to love God.  He was correct in that. 

The God thing is the emptiest morality of all.  Christianity erects a pile of rules on God but they are just window dressing.  Even the command not to kill is unimportant when it comes to being motivated to serve God alone. The two can be separated hypothetically if you are forced to choose one or the other.


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