EVANGELISM: Go and Spread the Good News

CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE: Jesus commanded that we preach and promote the gospel to every creature.  For Christians, this is the central good work for the gospel is the power to change the heart. The gospel snatches people from the everlasting tormenting fire and bestows eternal life in Heaven on them instead.  Jesus said that if your asks for bread will you give him a scorpion?  Jesus taught that to do good works and neglect trying to bring the people who receive the benefits of your works to salvation was in fact a terrible sin.  It is not really helping the people.  A person who is starving to death is better hearing the gospel than having medical help.  Doctors won't be able to help him when he is in the place of everlasting torment.  As God is love and sin is your enemy, he does not condone you going to Hell or agree with it.  But sin is what keeps you there.  It is what locks the door from the inside.

Jesus when he lived on earth, focused his evangelising activities not on pagans but on believers in what was then the true religion, Judaism, who had been led astray or who had become sinners.  This reflects the idea that it is worse to know the truth and not live it or to have a corrupted version of the truth than to be a pagan.  We should perhaps evangelise members of the false Christian Churches more than the pagans.  The pagans are in less danger than those who have been entrapped by a false gospel of salvation.  The pagans are less lulled into security.

COMMENT: Some would add, "The chief sign of being saved is being willing to counteract and working to counteract the Whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church and the papal antichrist.  The saved person works hard to deliver people from her and to prevent conversions to her.  God is perfect.  God will not inspire us to help the sick and to do nothing about the Whore.  The Whore draws people down to eternal damnation.  No true Christian can remain in the Roman Catholic Church.  Their failure to leave shows that they have not truly converted.  We must not believe that there are any true Christians in the Catholic Church."

This is an outcome of saying that only Jesus saves and your fate is terrible without him.  We must admit that these teachings are extremism and bigotry pretending as they always do to be about human rights and care.


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