Can Have Strong Evidence that a Non-Miracle is a Miracle

There are cases where there is very strong evidence for the events being true miracles even though they are not.

We know of instances where it happened that somebody was nearly proven to be a murderer and they were not guilty. You could say it is a miracle how they are not guilty.

This can happen with religious miracles too.

A miracle seeming to have the support of very good evidence can still be a false miracle.

We would need to investigate to see what alleged miracle has the best evidence. This would set the bar for us. It would tell us that we need better evidence than that before we consider ourselves justified in believing in a miracle.

Miracle claims demand investigation. It is not enough to let somebody else do that. You have to do it yourself. Belief in miracles implies that we must all be burdened with the investigating. That is not humanly possible so miracles are really not about what is best for us at all. They are not in our interest. All miracles then seem to promote our good but we see they imply that they want us to suffer and be burdened.


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