The Excuses for Bible preaching Violence

Despite the mystifying and uncanny fact that a person is statistically more likely to go out and act on violent prayers and scriptures than on violent video games or films religion tries to avoid admitting its role when this happens.


Christianity and Islam when challenged will try to excuse the murders commanded by God in their scriptures. Christians adore Jesus who clearly approved of the bloodletting laws of God even if he declared them no longer applicable (a Christian lie - he told the Jews off for doing away with the rule that those who curse parents are to be murdered by divine command). To worship a man who took responsibility for murder and commanding it through collaborating with Moses is to invite evil into your heart.


Attempts to say that violence commanded by God in the Koran or Bible means that it was only allowed in the circumstances that existed then but these circumstances don’t exist now so we should not take them to authorise violence today are hypocritical. They cannot be totally inapplicable. They would still mean that you can think about violence in today’s circumstances at least. They would mean that you must be willing to use violence if the circumstances of the past as recorded in the Bible or Koran were repeated. Also unless God intended to teach everlasting religious truths and considered them relevant for all ages they would not be in the Bible or Koran. There was lots of revelation left out anyway so why did he make sure that bloodletting stuff was retained? To give people bad reasons for being non-violent when they read violent texts that supposedly come from God is just another way of telling them to go out and slaughter. 
The underlying assumption behind prophets who say God commands violence even in the name of a just war is that God sees the wider and bigger picture that we can never see. That is one hell of a dangerous idea if God has not spoken or is not there to speak. It is the reason why Christians without knowing all the facts claim that God was right to get his people to try and liquidate homosexuals and the Canaanites. So much for compassion and decency.


The Bible is full of violence, nonsense and hate. No wonder believers pick out the nice bits and pretend the evil commands are not there. If you really believe the Bible properly you will not treat it like that! There is something very vulgar and condemnatory about cherry-picking a book that is supposedly from God like that. It is like saying, "This book is my authority. It is more important and sacred than any other book. Yet I will pick and choose from it." It is accepting the Bible as inspired but with a "but". The Bible deserves no honour not even this begrudging hypocritical honour. You drop bad scriptures like they are burning coals put into your hands. You will if you have no leanings towards enabling violence or honouring it. The worse the book is the more disgusting is the homage you pay to it. As the hypocrite pays homage to virtue by pretending to be virtuous so do you pay homage to the violence. You serve lies and lies are the first step to creating a violent society.


If the revelations from God have both good and bad in them then what?

Is the good better than the bad?

Is the bad better than the good?

Are they equal? God only needs to use evil to do good with it because we made evil so he has to work in that backdrop. So in that sense he needs evil. If God uses evil for a good purpose then the horrible commands are good in some way we cannot comprehend. So they are equal. To praise the good is to praise the bad. That is the principle. You are in principle, though you think you are not, praising the bad commands when you praise the good.


Man reflects his own violence in the "revelations from above" and the religions he makes so do not enable him. Do not honour his religious creation for it is not really sacred - do not turn it into an image of God to be adored and served for talk about God is not necessarily about the real God if there is one - and man pretending to speak for God or imagining he does means man is manipulative and manipulation is a form of violence and enables further violence.


When a holy book commands murder or violence, and/or agrees with murder and violence in the past, it should be dismissed as unholy - no ifs or buts. It should be discarded immediately. There are certain evils you must not look for excuses or reasons for. And holy books that honour a God who commands violence are top of the list.

We must remember too that evil has to look good to succeed so don't chip in with, "But the Christian is such a nice person despite his belief in the Bible." Or, "The Bible contains so many beautiful teachings." Human nature is notorious for enabling evil with a smile. A truly decent person does not even contemplate honouring an evil book as the word of God. He throws it away. The good bits are a reason for rejecting it not accepting it. Something that advocates good and teaches good and then teaches its opposite is worse than something that means well but does little else but damage. Evil needs to be softened by having lots of good put into the mix. That way it does more harm than shamelessly blatant and undiluted evil.


Too often stories in the Bible are disproven or shown to teach evil lessons allegedly from God.

Then what the believers do is this.

They say the stories are figurative and were never intended to be taken as literally true.


That is just a way of pretending that the story is divinely inspired.


And surely God could make his point without all that figurative stuff?


And why does he not make the allegorical nature of the story clear? Most stories do not read as allegories.


The Bible is violent period.  And if you stay in a religion invented by man and that has fake revelations from God that endorse violence you tarnish yourself. Enabling violence and being okay with nasty scriptures is the one thing needed before religious terrorism can appear and with or without terrorism appearing it is still a terrible terrible hideous thing to do. Nobody can blame God entirely even if God did give the violent commands - man had no right to mention the commands much less obey them!


Religiously motivated suicide bombers and terrorists who are virtually on a suicide mission think they will get fame and be remembered after their deaths. That motivates them for they use their death to send a message. They kill others to reinforce that message. It is no wonder they think that when you consider how famous Jesus is for terrorising the temple, Moses despite his mass murdering and of course Muhammad. The scriptures are memorials to monsters. The blame for this problem is clearly clergy/ministers and teachers of religion be they parents in the home or schoolteachers. And governments who fund such “education” are accountable.

The wars in the Bible and Koran were not all down to direct commands from God. God permitted say Saul and Muhammad to have their own opinion about when to wage war.

Even if you are responsible for your behaviour a bad influence like the Bible can be responsible too. The two are not mutually exclusive. It is better though to blame the religious belief system than the person if possible. The Bible instead of being carried in procession should be spat upon.


Good is not good when mixed with evil for that is what evil does. It likes to hide and sting unexpectedly. That is why the Bible should be called evil instead of pretending there is good in it. The good in the Bible is not the Bible’s good. Nobody owns good.  Nothing owns good.


A religion trying to defend violent commands from its God and barbaric doctrines is sending a message to the person who would harm for religion.  It is saying it sees the violence but does not want to admit it and that is not what you expect of real opponents of violence or people who have empathy with the victims.


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