Jesus in the gospel of John said that those who do evil will resort to extremes to hide it.  They will hate Jesus the light for he exposes them.   

Evil people are said to hate anything that shows them or may show them the truth about themselves.  This phenomenon happens even when some bad people would be expected to love their notoriety.  A person who likes to be accused of murders could be set against being accused of something else such as rape. It is like there is a selective self-judgment going on. 

The evil who can't or won't see their own bad side won't be complacent too long for there are threats to their fake egos everywhere. That amounts to a lot of hate and a lot of people to fear. Anybody can show you what you are.

Why would an evil person be so against anything that shows them for what they are? The reason is that each person likes their own evil but they want evil to be on their side. They want to benefit from evil but they want rival evildoers destroyed or rendered powerless. They use evil as a tool to assert themselves. The selfishness is the reason why evil people often fight the evil in others with evil.

Some see evil as a power.  It is real.  Others say it is just a lack and is not really there.  If evil is not there then what is there is the good that is not good enough and which is hated for not being good enough. The paradox here is when you demonise this good as evil and hate it you are hating good and well on the way to letting evil into your heart yourself. It is the evil of the person who uses morality as an excuse to hurt others or who is moral for he thinks morality is painful and hurts people and revels in it.

The evil twist evil into good and they distort their moral sense so that they hate weak good as evil.  That is why the evil hate being exposed except maybe for their pet sins.


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