We must remember that a conspiracy theory is more than just a theory or an outlook.  It encompasses several conspiracy fears and illusions. Conspiracy theory as a term can deceive about how bad the problem actually is for there is no problem - it is a mass of problems and potential problems and undetected problems. We will use the term for speed.

Many faiths and beliefs are conspiracy theories. For example, if a Christian finds evidence that something Jesus said is wrong, Satan will be blamed for making it seem so. To avoid conspiracy theories then work out how you might prove them false. Know how to falsify the theory. Some say that many beliefs such as gravity cannot be proven and/or there is no way to show how you can disprove gravity. They say we accept it so we don’t need to ask of every belief, “What would it take to show it to be untrue?” Yes but those beliefs aren’t conspiracies. We are talking about beliefs that look like they are protected from criticism and trying to block anybody from finding out that they may be untrue.

Don't make the mistake of thinking of all conspiracies as being obviously malevolent. To make your theory popular, you cannot admit that it is based on a desire to accuse others of evil just because you want to do it.  No conspiracy theory can work without being willing to demonise people without proper evidence.

The notion of a divine purpose is a conspiracy theory.  Some nice person suffers.  You tell yourself that God is using that suffering to give them hidden gifts in Heaven and in their soul.  Or you say they deserve it.  Either way you show a lack of concern for them.  If you help, you do this in spite of God not because of him.  And you will claim it is because of God but nobody has to agree with you. 

And you will argue that not all things that seem like conspiracies actually are.

Not all conspiracy theories are equal so if you have to have one, find a minimalist one. There is no excuse for saying Satan ultimately does all the lying in the world when it is enough to say that in a loose sense, all humankind conspires to let lies spread.

Christianity says that human nature is damaged spiritually so your own heart and nature lie to you.  That is one hell of a gaslighting notion, one hell of a conspiracy theory. And Jesus himself and Paul warned about the devil as well trying to fool everybody.  The devil seems to use some undetectable psychic power and the proof that the Church is using him to gaslight is in how you cannot tell the difference between his promptings and your own notions.

Always actively look for reasons that will prove your conspiracy theory wrong.

Any belief that is true will be able to face scrutiny and survive it.

And any belief that is set up so that nothing will change your mind is not a belief at all. If you really think it is right then why do you want to be blind to the evidence that might challenge it? You always learn from evidence so you are stopping yourself from developing new beliefs and learning. No belief is worth that.


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