FGM female genital mutilation is a form of child abuse against females.  Those who justify a "minor" version of it are inspired by male circumcision which allegedly does no harm. FGM exists also in extreme forms where grave and permanent damage is done to the girl.

The Churches are doing nothing about the problem.  It seems that they are afraid that if they address religious abuses by those who inflict FGM that their own opposition to human liberty and decency will be put under the spotlight.  A religion that fibs and exploits has to be careful about pointing the fingers at other religions for doing it.

And as the God of the scriptures is violent and commands that some sinners be stoned to death and they still adore him and venerate the reverends who give their lives to him, it is clear that they are not disgusted enough by those scriptures.  People who are really anti-violence drop pro-violent scriptures such as the Bible, Book of Mormon and Koran like scalding hot potatoes.

Jesus as a rabbi performed circumcisions on males and assisted at them.  This was done on sickly babies who could do without that nonsense.  The apostles, so the New Testament says, if cultural reasons demanded it circumcised males.  Paul snipped Timothy so that he would not stand out among circumcision supporters.  FGM was happening in some cultures then.  It was the culture in many villages and out of the way places.  Was performing it happening in early Christianity?  It had to have been.  It was covered up.  The principle that a sick child can be mutilated for cultural reasons is horrific.  And culture is an excuse.  You cannot say that FGM or male circumcision is wrong or no longer needed and use culture as an excuse for performing them.  And are you not saying that faiths that do it are wrong but you will affirm what they do by doing it for what you call cultural reasons?  That is only an excuse and you are upholding those toxic faiths.


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