Religion argues that no matter how good a homosexual relationship seems to be or is it does not matter why people have such a relationship but only that they do.  On that basis they are able to argue that gay sex even if it bond two people together until death is still a grave sin.  In fact the more good it seems the more evil it is for evil gets its power from being a disguise and using good.

Christians feel that LGBT play on how they, as individuals, may not do much harm to others. But they argue that in so far as they work or plot to change societal gender and sexual norms that have served us so well they do grave harm.  Being harmless as an individual means nothing if you are part of a dangerous agenda.  You are very harmful indeed.

Christians argue that we are all damaged by original sin thus it is no surprise if some are homosexual.  We are born sinners.  It is dangerous how the most important argument for accepting being gay, that you are born that way or born with the power to become naturally gay, is destroyed by original sin.  No gay Catholic can be an asset for the gay community's rights.  If homosexuality is a sin and original sin a disorder then being born homosexual is how original sin affects the gay man.  There is nothing to say that original sin works or manifests the same way in every person.  As each person is different so the sin must show up differently.

Traditionally, religion has insisted that if two homosexual men or lesbians go to bed together as they do not have the parts to possibly conceive a baby they are only having sex for one reason: genital activity.  Religion says that lust with love is still lust.

The Bible condemns homosexuality and requires that homosexuals be put to death.
The evil Jesus condemned homosexuality when he said that marriage was for one man and one woman and that sex outside wedlock was wrong.
If God exists then he comes first. He puts himself first. He deserves all his own love. Heterosexual sex implies making a sacrifice to bring a child into the world for God so sex that does not create life is immoral. The consistent homosexual should be an Atheist.
Religionists tend to put themselves before God but in this case they will condemn homosexuals for God. They love God when it suits them. They cannot even prove that homosexuality is wrong.
If homosexuality is a sin then the sexuality is caused by sin. God decreed that sex is only for those who are married. Paul advised against marriage and said that marriage is good when it prevents fornication or sex outside marriage (1 Corinthians 7). Homosexuals cannot get married to one another so God is encouraging sin by making people gay. The only thing a Christian can say to this is that God makes nobody gay but people make themselves gay. And that God is not encouraging gays to sin for it is their own doing that they won’t become heterosexual and get a wife or husband. Obviously, it would be a sin to be gay if you choose to be gay and if homosexual acts are wrong and unnatural. You would be going against nature and attracting yourself to sin and not holy marriage.
This means that a homosexual cannot become a priest or a nun.
The Bible in the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians says that it is good to marry but better not to but so to prevent fornication everybody should have their partner in marriage for it is better to marry than to burn with lust. Paul vehemently condemned homosexuality. The picture is clear. Marriage should be avoided if you have no lust in you. If you do, then get married to avoid the sin of fornication. Homosexuals are not allowed to marry so if they burn they must deliberately cause their desire for the same sex. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn. If they deny it’s deliberate they are lying. Some Christians will say that it is foolish to believe that they are not just because they turn away from females. That is like saying that a person who never drinks milk necessarily must be unable to drink milk.
The homosexual is despicable in the Bible because the one who breaks the law of God in one thing is guilty of breaking every other law automatically (James 1:10). This is because sin is essentially disobedience to God and disobedience is disobedience. This is more true of one who commits a sin like homosexuality that the Lord says deserves a cruel and lingering death.
One sin makes all you do sin for how can you really intend to be good when you are attached to sin? So, if it is sin to practice homosexuality there is nothing good that can be said about the relationship at all and it is right to force the couple asunder for there is nothing in the relationship worthy of respect. The Catholics sometimes say that there is something good in homosexual love despite its sinfulness but that is just their way of being sweetly insincere.
Blaming gay people or their being gay would make the queer bashers more determined to destroy them. It makes being gay more repulsive to any who feel it is repulsive.
Religion may seem not to encourage queer-bashing but by implying that gay people want to be gay though they don’t have to be they are saying they are asking to be beaten up and that their being sinners lessens the sin of the bashers for they deserve the bashing although it was a sin to beat them up. It would be hard to prove that the bashers did anything seriously wrong. It looks like they never did anything wrong at all if the gays have asked for it. It would be a sin for the gays to complain or to go to the police. It is right to say that Bible-believers have to condone the beatings. They are encouraging them when they teach what says they should not be punished.
Suicide rates are high among young gay men and religion will make sure that it not only stays high but climbs higher still. The condemnation of homosexuality excites much homophobia and drives many to despair and even suicide. It would be better to speak positively about homosexuality and stop condemning even if it saves just one life but the Church won’t do it showing how little concern it has for gay human life despite bragging about its great respect for life as the most important thing.
Bible believers who rail against capital punishment on the grounds that human life is sacred are abandoning their God whose scriptures command capital punishment. Their dogma forbids them to do that for all God cares about is what he wants and does not mind if people die over the things he directs the Church to teach. How anybody could expect this God to be unlike the bloodthirsty tyrant who commanded that gays be stoned to death in the Bible is a mystery. His commanding the prohibition of homosexuality is proof enough that he wants gays dead and for us to make sure he gets his wish. Then the Church dares to not apologise for having said in the past that suicides should not be buried in consecrated ground or even get a Catholic funeral in order to arouse horror of this crime (Question 1039, Radio Replies, Vol 2). This was very unjust because there were plenty of others who died in alleged sin that were allowed the proper funeral – need I mention kings and queens and other toffs who died fighting unjust wars or organising massacres?  And there was no need to show anybody that suicide is horrible and something to be prevented.
Religion says that homosexuality is a disorder, a sickness. To say that something harmless or that can be harmless is sick is disguised hatred and homophobia. Religion says that homosexuality is both sickness and sin or evil. So if you think that it is worse to call evil people sick than evil then religion is doing this thing. So if you think it is worse to call evil people evil than sick religion is still doing it. Religion then does both.
Those who think that it is worse to call them sick do so because it is being assumed that evil is easily corrected and sickness is not. To say evil is sickness is to sanction long periods of treatment and to discourage anybody who has evil tendencies to fight them on the basis that it is going to be a hard and long struggle. To say gays are sick implies they should be locked up and treated. And since they are sick they cannot be trusted not to give in to their sinful tendencies. They need to be protected from their sickness for that is what you do for sick people.
To condemn evil people as sick suggests that if you think that gay sexuality is sick then you have to regard them as mad for their “sickness” is different from others in that it is so important in the gay person’s nature and is so permanent. The sexuality would have to be a form of madness if it is a sickness and if gays are mad then they should not be employed or trusted. Madness is having thoughts and feelings you ought not to be having. Homosexuality then is irrational if it is sick.
The Catholics today say that they regard homosexuality as being an objective disorder but that is not the same as saying that gay people are objectively disordered. No form of hypocritical double-talk could be more obvious.


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