The Girl Guides Promise

The Girl Guides abolished the promise to do one's duty to God and replaced it with one vowing to be a good person.
The Christians responded by threatening to stop the Girl Guides using their buildings and halls.
Point 1, The Church never asks people who want to use the Church for baptisms and weddings if they sincerely believe its gospel and doctrines and it just treats them like proper believers though it knows fine well they are unlikely to be. Yet it is making out it is hypocritical to let the girl guides use Church property if the promise to God is removed.

Point 2, the Church is only showing its own bigotry. Girl guides are not going to be very impressed by people that want to force atheists and agnostics to take a vow to uphold a God they don't believe in. Also what about those believers who think it is not really any of God's business if we serve him or not? What about believers in a God whose standards are very different from those espoused by the Christian deity? The Mormon God for example is a polygamist! Like it or not, through the internet many new forms of faith are appearing and many of them are bizarre. If Christianity is given special treatment and special rights then these new faiths will expect such benefits too. There will only be chaos. Keep religion out of public life.

Point 3, the Church dresses up devotion to God as something that is meant to be good for the believer. But in fact this makes religion about the believer not God. The believer ends up using God as a crutch and becomes an insecure bigot. Interestingly, Jesus said devotion is not about you but about God and pleasing him even if you get nothing only torment back.
Point 4, the wearing of the cross among girl guides needs to be banned. Like it or not, the cross for example is intended as a symbol for our condemnation and salvation from sin. To accuse somebody of sin - sin means a crime against divine law - is in principle as nasty as accusing somebody of breaking civil law without adequate evidence. The cross unlike symbols for other religions is intended to offend and insult.


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