God can’t very open to a relationship with someone if he is preventing them from believing in his existence or not helping.  Many complain of searching for God to see if he probably exists and finding nothing.  Others complain that they want to sense God for that is the more intimate way to connect with him and is deeper and more personal.  They too search and nothing happens. Those who do search and do not find end up with a makeshift God to deal with the gap.  It is like settling for second best.  Religion ignores human need and the problems to make excuses for God's hiding.


There is elitism in saying you have the true God and found him.  What about races and nations that worshipped statues?


If you say God hides so that we can find him by faith that blames the seeker who does not find and accuses people who do not seek of being a disgrace for being indifferent.  In this view God does hide but by faith you see him in your life.  So it is not so much that God hides, it is that you need to wear the spectacles and look.



The Bible says that God and Moses had a very familiar relationship with each other. Only of Moses is it said that he had a face to face relationship with God. That is not even said of Jesus! 




God as in perfectly good and infinitely powerful being and creator of all from nothing is said to exist.


There is no proof of his existence.


The evidence is confusing and inconclusive according to some. It is non-existent according to others. Some say they do not know what kind of intelligence the evidence points to and they may not even call it God.


If the evidence for God should be there and is not we are justified in arguing and believing that God does not exist. It does not mean we are agnostic. Many atheists claim to believe God does not exist and they do not claim to know he doesn't exist. The claim that they are partly agnostic is nonsense.


Religionists expect other people to commit and live and work for God as if they were certain of his existence when there is no proof. Just because they do that does not mean they have the right to encourage or expect other people to. Those people are missing out on the best life has to offer if they are wrong. No sane person considers it good to be absolutely committed to a person who does not exist or who is not worthy of

Is God hiding?

Believers say that God has planned all the hiding. They say that God hides himself so that we will love him better by having faith in him despite the darkness.


Now if the existence of God and the love of God is not that clear and we commit ourselves totally to him three problems arise.


One - You are probably an idolater.


If you adore a God who exists only in your head, the evidence for him will not be good. Even if your view of God matches the truth it does not follow that you connect with the truth. You could be inventing truth that happens to coincide with the real truth.


Two - You are insulting human knowledge and dignity.


It is an insult to people who have given their lives for truth and research to state that we find God in what we do not know not in what we know. A real God will be found in what we know. Surely the power to know is his gift?


What kind of God wants you to know that the dog he created is there and does not want you to know he is there?


Three - You are taking a foolish chance. The more commitment you give the worse you are.     And you do not and cannot do it alone so you are a problem for other people too.

Making excuses for God by saying he hides is exactly what a person would say if the reason there is no proper evidence for God is that there is no God.


You might say the tooth fairy hides if somebody demands evidence for her existence.


These three problems outweigh the alleged benefit of loving a God whose existence is not very clear.


The excuse

Despite the problems of adoring a hiding God we are told that loving a God who cannot be proven means we are more loving than we would be if we could prove him.


The view that truth matters absolutely and it is only because truth matters that love is possible and justice is possible does not fit this.  If God and his activity are real then the truth will force itself on you for truth is not about and does not care what you think.  So proving God solidifies a love ethic. 


Surely if not being sure God is real makes us more loving then it follows that it does not really matter if God exists?  If loving is good for us in itself then loving a fiction is good.  But that is ridiculous. Love is not good just because it is love.  It is good because it benefits and cares about truth.  


Perhaps religion is fooling us and thinks that is justified because of how loving it makes us. Many people will see through it so it will fail. Is religion supposed to oppress and persecute those people to silence them for the "greater good"? It would be tempted to.


They say that if God didn’t hide himself we would be forced and feel forced to love him. But if you hide your true nature from your boyfriend or girlfriend what they will love is what they think they see and not what is really you. The more real or "proven" you become to him or her the more you can be loved.
It makes God too strategic

To say that there is no evidence for God could mean it is not God's fault. There are many things that are true that there is no evidence for.  In that case he cannot found religions and ask for commitment.  It is just not fair.


To say that God deliberately hides is really accusing God of altering or hiding or destroying evidence and risking people turning out to be unbelievers. It is his fault then if you do not believe! The hidden God is actually a nasty God.

God by definition cannot hide too much


The believers say that God hides himself because they cannot deny it. But they do contradict this hiding God. Their definition of God shows how.
God by definition is the only thing that matters. An all-perfect being needs to be given the only place in the heart never mind the first place. To give a place to any creature including yourself would be to refuse him the adoration he is entitled to just because of what he is. Believers in God have to treat belief in God not a belief but as knowledge. You will always hold something back from God in you only have faith in him for faith is not certainty. So believers say that their faith is a form of mystical knowledge. Such a notion makes a precedent for religious fanaticism. Islam is one religion that claims to give knowledge of what God is like and this knowledge is in the Koran. Christianity has a different version of what God is like and what he wants. If faith in a religion is knowledge then it follows that if your religion urges you to execute gay people then you must do it.

God by definition is that infinite entity which is free and perfect and all-attractive. We only find things attractive in so far as they reflect him. If God is so attractive we are never freer than when we see him and obey him. He needs to stop hiding. God cannot expect us to love him enough and take him seriously enough to obey him properly when he hides. Christianity is putting an unreasonable burden on those whom it asks to obey God. It asks us to suffer the perils of living without contraception and even to give our lives for God in martyrdom should the chance arise. It says he must come first - you must fight nature and love him more than your newborn baby in its cot. It is cruelty. God hiding himself actually proves that he is shifty and vile. And those who advocate his worship are no better.


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