The Bible word for wife is “helper” or as we should say, ezer. The Adam and Eve story interestingly has her being Adam’s ezer, that is, helping indispensable partner. His other half. The story has the image of man and woman being one flesh in the sex act to stress this meaning. God indeed in the Old Testament calls himself our ezer. That would seem to eliminate the view that Eve is an inferior to Adam.

Ezer corresponds to our word, wife.

Now God being the one who owns all power and who cannot be hurt, can only pretend to be our ezer.  The king may wash the slave's feet but the king remains a king.  The king may act like an ezer but can never be one really.

So it is wrong to argue that the word necessarily gives Eve any dignity.  And why is Adam not her Ezer?

Paul goes as far as to argue that women must not rule over men for Adam was made first not Eve.  This is stupid and desperate for it does not matter who was made first.  And he says the woman was deceived, Eve, not the man.  He does not care that the story says Adam had a deceiver too, her.  The story simply does not comment on whether the snake had spoken to Adam as well.  It is pure chauvinism to say that a man being first in a story means he must never be ruled.

We are told that Eve was advised by the snake that she would be like God if she ate the forbidden fruit. Was he lying? Yes. But we are told that he was not completely lying. Genesis has God saying that now the man and woman are so like him that they have become dangerous and need to be kept in line. The argument presupposes that harmony and goodness are only found in keeping right with God instead of trying to be a potential God yourself by ignoring the one who cannot be ignored. The story seems concerned about trying to get knowledge of good and evil without God.  But the story has God directly engaging with Adam and Eve.  He does not do that with anybody today so they depend on what others say.  Believing in God because of what people tell you is just another way of having a version of good and evil without God. 


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