In Christianity theology the Holy Spirit is the Third Person who is God. He is the one most associated with interior spiritual guidance and Jesus says he leads his true disciples into all truth. Jesus said that the Jews who said he did miracles by the Devil’s power were blaspheming the Holy Spirit and would never be forgiven. Catholics, Protestants and Mormons are three cults that each claim that the Spirit has told them in their hearts and by improving their virtues that their religion is true but the three contradict each other. The real Holy Spirit is just their prejudice and arrogance. They are the biggest blasphemers of the lot!

The Holy Spirit is chiefly called Holy because he is the sanctifier, he makes Christians holy and live holy lives. But our perception and practice of right and wrong is impaired. Accidents often happen and we screw things up. To pretend that this is holiness and inspired by the Holy Spirit is the height of arrogance. It is expedience not holiness. Most people who think they are inspired by some sanctifier are wrong - which proves the point.


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