HOMOPHOBIA and how religion and faith feed it and sow it

The Church argues that heterosexuals do not identify as heterosexuals the way gays identify as gay.  The gays are thought to equate themselves with their sexuality as if there is nothing else important about them.  If it is a sin to be a practicing gay then clearly the sinner in this case becomes the sin so the command to love the sinner and hate the sin cannot apply!  LGBT sense that love the sinner and hate the sin is a Christian way of politely hating them.  And they are not wrong!  It is Church teaching that only those go to Hell who see their sin as an essential part of themselves.  So denying love the sinner and hate the sin puts you in Hell!

Homophobia, the irrational fear of homosexuals and stereotyping them and being disgusted by what they do in bed and by men loving men and women loving women, is indulged in only by those who have gay feelings themselves or maybe they might fear they have them. They are disgusted at themselves and they project that disgust unto practicing homosexuals. It often happens too that they are just jealous. They may even have refused to let themselves notice that they had those feelings. People hate the thought of being gay because an alleged communication from God said being gay is bad and wicked so religion is to blame more than anything else. It makes them fear their own gay feelings and suppress them and the result is hatred of gay people. When people just pick doctrines and principles that suit themselves and just worry about themselves and not at all about loyalty to the communication you may think you see that there is more to it than that. But there is not for as long as others are happy we should not care what they do. Something is making us care and religious conditioning is responsible. Because homosexuality looks strange and people fear what is strange, religion easily brainwashes them to turn against gays and lesbians and this will stay with them even if they are not religious. Attempts to say that homophobia is not a hatred of homosexuals but simply disgust at what they do are doomed to fail for there is less disgust at things like heterosexual male promiscuity and boiling lobsters alive. Gay sex can be clean and healthy and straight sex is often messy business. People are disgusted at old people going to bed together but do not try to make their lives a misery like homophobes do gays.

Homophobia is hate. To say that homosexuals are doing wrong of their own free will is to say they should be feared and to say they should be feared is to say they should be hated for hate is caused by fear and is its direct offshoot - there are only two emotions love and fear. (Read The Gospel According to Atheism for verification.) There is no doubt about that. To say the homosexual urge is a disorder is to say it should be feared and prevented which is the same thing as saying homosexuals are dangerous even when they seem not to be. When that is believed all the homosexuals will get is being treated as if they were hated or there just to be manipulated and they will be provoked to hate those who persecute them.
The Church does harm when you see it condemning the belief that two gay men masturbating each other are not doing wrong and then claims to be open-minded. It is really close-minded and condemning open-minded. We cannot stand for this if we are open-minded people. The Church is being consciously unfair to us and to gay men.

Gays have a right to sue the Church for condemning them for the Church cannot give a believable reason why homosexuality is wrong and though freedom of speech is important what the Church is doing is not practicing freedom of speech but practicing freedom of abuse. The pope should be jailed for incitement to hatred. And it is a scandal that the Church dwells on the negative side of homosexuality in order to condemn it for that does not prove homosexuality wrong for it is up to each individual gay to make the best of it and increase the positive elements in his or her life. Everything has its pros and cons. When all is said and done you cannot allow incitement to hatred under the guise of freedom of speech. All who spew hate towards minorities or whatever use that excuse. You cannot hide your hatred for the so-called sinner by saying you hate their sin but not them.
The Catholic Church holds that children needs heterosexual role models so people who are known to be gay must never be appointed as teachers. Gay men are barred from the priesthood. The priesthood requires that the right to marriage must be sacrificed to the duty to live as celibate priest. The Church reasons that gay men don't want to marry women so they cannot really make this sacrifice. Indeed, if gay men get ordained it is because they deceive the Church.

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