Bible God wants Gays Hated

A religion has to claim in some sense to be a revelation from God otherwise it is just not even trying to be a religion.  It would only be a man-made scam.  So it needs a Bible.  Not surprisingly, the Bible claims to be the word of God.  In Bible texts, Jesus says only a man and woman can become one in God's plan in marriage.  St Paul calls gay sex unnatural for the kind of body you have matters.  Both upheld the teachings of the Bible calling gay sex a sin.  Leviticus says a man lying with a man like a woman in a chapter that lists sexual sins is guilty of sin so terrible that he must be stoned to death and it is his own fault.


Technically the Bible does not condemn LGBT people but only their sex acts.  They are condemned to be stoned to death in public to shame them. 


Remember that in the Bible, God nearly always left it to the judges and the people who he continually complained were corrupt and unreliable to decree and carry out the executions.  If he does not hate LGBT then he could have fooled me!


Gay men usually get more hatred than lesbians.  Part of that is down to how lesbians do not inseminate while gay males often do.  It is as if people feel the male seed is going to the wrong place or it is dirty.  It is as we associate it with disease.  It is no surprise that the males get more abuse in the Bible than the females.


All honest Christians agree that the Bible, which is for Christians the book that ultimately God wrote, forbids homosexuality as a very heinous sin and says that those who commit it will be lost forever in Hell unless they stop and repent.  Attempts to cover that up hover around the allegation that the Bible never speaks of those who are naturally homosexual!  But it is obvious that it does not need to.  Homosexual in the Bible in the straightforward interpretation means a man who prefers sex with men period. 


The Bible never mentions heterosexuality as the natural condition of the human being. It merely condemns homosexual acts and has no concern about allegations about homosexuality being natural or innate.


Christians say that all laws even God's try to be for the best. So there will always be casualties. There will be people hurt by the laws. But this doesn't prove the laws bad or that they should be defied. It does seem arrogant and stupid of gay people to expect Christianity to be on their side and to let them have sex. I'm on their side but they should not be supporting a religion that can't be the religion it claims to be unless it stands by its teaching both popular and unpopular. Can Muslims offended by the Koran ask Islam to drop it? There would be no point in religious faith if it were not based on mystery and asked us to believe things we did not understand.
The Bible in Christian doctrine, is the word of God. Its condemnation of gays is therefore the word of God. The Church in opposing gays finds itself backed up by its Bible which gives no argument against homosexuality whatsoever. It is just condemned as if there could be no argument about it. This implies that those who don’t see homosexuality as bad or evil and sinful are guilty of being so blinded by their own sin that they have lost the sense of sin. It implies that for a homosexual to ask for acceptance or approval is for her or him to encourage others to sin gravely. Jesus condemned blindness as a very dangerous sin and the blindness of the scribes and Pharisees was the main reason he was so ferocious in his condemnation of them.
Good is a very broad thing. When a Christian tells you to be good they mean you must abstain from drunkenness, adultery, blasphemy, heresy, the neglect of prayer and being just to your neighbour to mention just a few things. The word good implies that many actions are good and many are bad. The word good, by implication, is saying that some things are good and must be done and others are bad and must be abstained from. It is totally unthinkable that when the Bible writers, both in the Old and New Testaments, said that God through them was commanding us to be righteous that the command wasn't saying by implication that homosexuality was evil. The Jews and the Christians of Bible times never ever believed anything other than that homosexuality was perverse and forbidden and evil. Therefore the Bible is enforcing their belief when it commands good because abstinence from gay sex was one of the things the writers of the Bible considered good and was included whenever they said we must be good.



The Church advocates more tolerance for publicans who take advantage of people’s fondness for the drink than it does for gays and they don’t cause drunks to beat up their wives and abuse their children and wreak lives and kill. This has led many gays to see the Church as a well-disguised hate-group. This is excited even more when in A Catechism of Christian Doctrine we read that the sin of Sodom, or homosexuality, is a sin that cries to heaven for God to take vengeance. This automatically sanctions the view that in times of crisis and trouble for a country that it is possible that the Lord is trying to get at the gays and that the gays are to blame and those who tolerate them and who give them support. It is undeniable that the Church does sanction queer-bashing though it dares not come out straight with it.

It is ludicrous to talk about loving the person but not the sin of homosexuality for homosexuality is a major part of the person and even more so when the hypocrisy we have seen is tolerated. A person is defective until he or she meets a good partner to bring out all the love inside them and they become giving to that person so to disparage love is to disparage the person when that love is harmless or need not harm if it is harmful.
The Church says homosexuality is wrong – not just wrong but seriously wrong. This condemnation is way over the top. It is hardly a serious sin even if it is wrong. It shows how the Church hates gay people. If heterosexuality often spread AIDS the Church would say it cannot be banned because heterosexuality is ethical and right. So it follows then that since homosexuality is wrong and bad and totally evil and if it often spreads AIDS then homosexuality is tantamount to murder and grave injury to others. It follows that killing homosexuals is only self-defence. Something that is evil can be banned for doing some people harm.
It is the abuse of homosexuality, not homosexuality that spreads AIDS. The Church cannot accept this for it regards homosexuality as an abuse.

The negativity of the Church has forced lonely vulnerable closeted gay men to substitute a sex for a loving relationship. Presumably, the Church prefers promiscuity and risking one’s life through AIDS to gay love. It prefers driving people into making mistakes through desire and loneliness that they had little control over to letting them “sin”. The Church has done a lot to promote the spread of AIDS. The way it makes much harmless sex including gay sex something to be hidden and to be ashamed of contributes to the spread of AIDS for lack of information about the person you go to bed with inevitably ensues with sometimes devastating results. The Church, when it can, murderously gets countries to legislate in ways that restrict the availability of birth control and condoms even in Africa where AIDS is a super-epidemic. The result is that there are so many infected that the wealthier nations see no point in doing anything about it so the Church is closing off the channels that can help them. The secrecy is responsible for the exposure of gay men to rapists who may even be carrying HIV. They are vulnerable for they cannot report the attack. The Church even goes as far as to make out that a homosexual using a condom to protect his partner sins more than one who does not. It does not care about those who are so completely under the spell of lust that they cannot control themselves and hopes they will use no condoms. There is real rancour in the teaching that it is better for a person to catch a disease and die horribly than for that person to live and have lots of “illicit” sex.

The Church says homosexuality is a disorder.  To have an illness is bad for you and makes the world a worse place. That is what the Church is saying you are doing if you are gay and even if you don’t practice by accusing you of having a disorder.




Romans 1 is distorted by gay activists for political reasons to make it seem like it does not condemn committed loving gay relationships but only lustful ones.  Then why not condemn lustful relations instead of being pointed and just mentioning gay ones?  The arguments that it refers to temple same sex prostitution or lustful abuse of others of the same sex are far-fetched speculation.  Let the words mean what they say.


Paul said that the Law of Moses was infallible. It said that if a man has sex with a man they are to be stoned to death and condemned as sinners. Gay Christians would say that Moses had to make this rule for the people were so hard-hearted that they would have turned against God and goodness if he had not which is accusing God of incompetence. They are saying that Moses did not mean to say that gay sex was wrong. But there is no evidence that expediency was his motive. Jesus said that Moses had to allow divorce for the people were too difficult but that does not mean we can say the same about any other rule. Besides, God had made plenty of rules the people of Israel hated. Homosexuality was a virtue in the region where the people were yet it is foolish to say that God only forbade it to drive a wedge between his people and the pagans who he thought were a very bad influence. Banning religious images and intermarriage and other things was enough to encapsulate them.




Paul wrote,

"Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men  nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Corinthians 6:9-10 New International Version NIV).


The only Bible they had at the time was the Old Testament so that is where this information came from.  That silences all who lie that the men who have sex with men are not homosexuals in a loving relationship!!  Even if it were it still brutally condemns the vast majority of gay men.

The Bible forbids all tolerance for homosexuals and orders that they be condemned as evil.  The gay who loves his "sin" and sees himself as a homosexual as if it were part of his personhood will not feel loved by Christians who say they love the sinner and hate the sin.  St Paul complained that those who have gay sex end up unable to see anything wrong with it.

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