Hoping a tyrant or monster person will drop dead

People who believe it is wrong to stab say murderous tyrants or abortion doctors to save lives will actually hope nature will act like it has a mind of its own and deal with them and dispatch them. It is not self-defence when you wish that something will happen to kill a person to stop them committing murder. But if there was some way you could cause nature to randomly kill that person you would. This is about intention not about what is possible. Intention is not about the possible only or about what makes sense but also about what you would cause if you could however impossible. Wanting nature to take action does not make you a better person than the person who just stabs them. It makes you a hypocrite.  You are not honest with yourself or anybody else and you are all dishonest together.

The implications are:

Loving the sinner and not loving the sin is a lie.  You are trying to manipulate the person to think that you would not have them destroyed or hurt.

You would not worship God unless you think he is as hypocritical as you.

Your prayers for sinners are offensive.

You may pray for a sinner to convert but at the back of your mind is, "God make random forces to kill him if he sins in certain ways."  Sinners should not celebrate your prayers.

It is better to be an atheist for at least there is no implicit boast: "God is perfect and perfectly right to make me so devious."

You think the deviousness is justified so what else will you justify tomorrow?

Saying God lets innocent suffering happen though we can do nothing about it at all is a very big thing and only a very sincere person can have the nerve to say or imply it.  There is nobody good enough to say it.  But many have the nerve to say it.  They exploit the suffering by saying it shows them the need for faith when in fact their faith is nothing special.


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