Ask religious liberals if you should tell a lie to keep out of jail just so that your child won't be traumatised.  They will admit that their core principle is that lying for a greater good is fine. They lie too much anyway so their progressive agenda is suspect for that reason.  They know that trust will collapse totally in time.

Do take Christian or Islamic liberals seriously when they draw in the unthinking and the uninformed.  They have no right to expect anybody to take them as the voice of a religion that has scriptures and standard teachings that tell them they are heretics.

Christianity and the Bible are not liberal affirming.  Yet many misrepresent both and claim to be liberal Christians.  The liberals claim to be progressive while pinching progressive values from secular thinkers and leaping on the latest social justice bandwagon.  Many call the liberal wings of the Church moderates which implies everything else is best thought of as fundamentalist.

The Bible does contradict itself but it never admits to errors.  That is the bottom line.  You cannot assume a book is not literally true or is meant to be taken lightly when it does not authorise that.  A house that is divided among itself cannot stand and they are throwing people into confusion and uncertainty. Moreover, they are lying when they try to speak for the Bible in they do as if their opinion and knowledge that it has errors entitles them to pick and choose and pretend to be loyal to it.  Lying is the hallmark of liberal and fundamentalist religion.

The letter of James states that religion means looking after the poor and taking care of justice.  This letter uses scriptures to back up its moral teachings.  Liberals dishonestly make out that religion is a form of social work.  But James saw teaching the Bible as truth and using it to support teachings as part of looking after people.  There is no justice without truth.  Jesus taught more Old Testament and doctrine than morality.  He was very clear on doctrinal stuff but people find the moral teachings murky and foggy in most cases.

You need to see through the liberals.  In fact they pick and choose from fundamentalism and harmful religion.      There are overlaps there.

Liberals usually start from the notion that we cannot be terribly sure of anything God supposedly said.  This is despite the Bible repeatedly claiming to offer knowledge and truth.  And how do they know that nobody knows religious truth or perhaps that atheism has to be right at least on some points?  They don't and are guilty of pretending to humbly not know things while mysteriously knowing that their view of how unclear and indecisive the religious framework is correct!  There is no concern for putting people off the search for truth no matter how much they crave it.

God is an extraordinary claim. The evidence is poor - and liberals see that. You need tremendous evidence to justify such a huge claim.  Or hard evidence to make it clear. Religion gives inadequate if not useless evidence. By implication then the God concept goes hand in hand with fundamentalism.
Moderate religion may teach that Hell is possible and that miracles happen - these are very serious claims and they are not followed up with much proof or evidence.
Moderate religion has little or no concern for evidence for the faith it propounds. It tends to care about the good results of believing in God and ignore evidence for or against his existence. Anything that has no concern for evidence is fundamentalist. Also, fundamentalists are fundamentalist because they care only for the good results - as they see good.
Moderate religion keeps up a structure that clouds and prevents people being the secularists they should be and keeps them badly informed about what secularism really is.
Loyalty to the state which looks after you is what matters. Not religion. If you are from France and you go to Abu Dhabi you are looked after there by another law. Liberal religion undermines this merely by existing. No religion serves the state by teaching its laws and giving it wholehearted support.
Some liberals think that the Catholic Church in the past allowed a broad range of beliefs and opinions as long as some basics were upheld. The Catholic liberals complain that the Catholic Church today goes too far in restricting what priests and bishops and theologians can say. The Catholic answer to that is that the Church used its infallibility to arrive at the truth and settle the debates.  And there were many beliefs that the Church never had such as gay marriage.
The liberals put limits on what doctrines can be denied, doubted or opposed. Thus they uphold the authority of the Church. They just want the authority to allow more deviation but they do not want rid of the authority.
A lot of liberals in Catholicism lie about Vatican 2 having opened the door to liberalism. They engage in distortion about the reason for freedom of thought as exercised in the Church in the past. What happened was that the Church let debates take place and then it settled the debate by giving an infallible answer. The debates were not happening because the Church accepted freedom of thought but because it needed the debates to see what freedom of thought should be restricted.
Moderates and liberals are creating an addiction to religion or a need that can lead to fundamentalism. Indeed believers will tend to be suspicious of any threats to their belief so the seed of fundamentalism is sown in them.
Liberal religion lies. True Christianity has to be fundamentalist. Liberal Christians are lying about the true nature of their religion. They are getting people hooked on it. When people discover the lies they may become the extremists Jesus meant them to be. Whoever promotes a fundamentalist religion, even if they are liberals, is dangerous.
Moderate religion looks for plenty of followers and tries to reach out to many people to make believers of them. It provides them with little or no evidence. In other words, it is manipulating people to be careless. Faith without evidence is not faith but feeling. To equate feeling something is true with believing it is fundamentalism. It is unreasoning.
No religion that conditions children in religious doctrine can be described as moderate. It is still advocating a method of getting devotion that is dangerous. It is only luck that ensures a child is conditioned in so-called moderate religion - the same tactic is used to make a child a devotee of the kind of religion that believes in destroying other nations and so on.
It is totally false to think that a fundamentalist is one thing and a liberal is another. A liberal is fundamentalist about some things. A fundamentalist will be liberal about some things. The fundamentalist for example who beats his daughters believes that he should have the freedom to do so – that’s very strongly liberal. The person who wants more sexual freedom in society is less liberal. Sexual freedom could and should be conducted harmlessly but you can’t say the same of beating people up. And especially when it’s a brawny brutish father beating up his fragile daughters.
Many Catholics say that because we have free will we have the power to reject God and to fix ourselves in that rejection. If that happens we will go to Hell for all eternity. This is fundamentalism despite being spouted by liberals because psychologists believe that no decision can be that complete and final. The doctrine opposes their doctrine. It opposes the very possibility that one can finally and permanently turn away from the all-attractive God.
The notion that liberals have that people only reject a caricature of God is patronising. It is mad to think that the Muslim interpretation of God and the Christian one are equally good and inspiring. The liberals are hypocrites if they say there are no caricatures of God! So what makes them think that their view is not a caricature? They pick and choose what they want to believe so how do they know? They won't be guided by evidence but by desire so they cannot know!
The liberals who make all understandings of the divine equally true and valid really mean that nobody really rejects God so everybody is really good but just mistaken or misled. So what is the point of religion then? Why bother promoting Jesus in Church and not some other God such as Henry James Prince or Ramakrishna?
It must be assumed that as most people would want the right to be able to make informed decisions that all would want it. People would agree with, “Its better to know the truth and have to painfully deal with it than to be deluded and happy.” Liberals undermine all that. They spread confusion.
The liberals give the fundamentalists an effective example of lying for religion and over it. They cannot complain about fundamentalist dishonesty.
Belief in Christianity appears innocuous simply because even many Catholic priests and nuns do not have a degree of conviction that leads them to be consistent Catholics. If they are good people, it is therefore in spite of their faith and not because of it. But they are not good in their own inner intent so degeneration is always around the corner! The faith contaminates whatever good they do. It is just like how if you set up a charity that fed the poor and killed their oppressors the evil would contaminate the good you do. Evil that is mixed with good is more contaminating than outright evil. If you do good and take a stand against truth you are really trying to leave behind a harmful legacy of error. The good you do does not make that right.
Evil is part of human nature and always looks for an outlet. The saint and the murderer are both evil only the first by chance prefers hidden evil while the murderer prefers to do something. As to the fact of them being evil, there is no difference. The saint may be happy to see "bad" people suffer and be thanking God for it. Christians are too eager to say, "It is God's loving will" when terrible things happen to people. That is not natural.
Good people in a harmful or evil religious system are giving it respectability. Thus they are indirectly or implicitly very bad. We must not let their charm sway us to favour their faith or regard it as acceptable.
You hear of gay Catholics who despite Church disapproval and condemnations of homosexuality still claim to be Catholics and say they will not walk away. This is really saying that the faith is so justifiable and credible that it would be a mistake to walk away. That is really giving the Catholic Church credibility in its condemnations of homosexuality and one is still trying to be an advertisement for the Church. It looks like the person is too weak to be a proper Catholic but is trying to be and believes he should be.
The pope is the figurehead of those who would ruin many human rights such as reproductive rights. Some Catholics call themselves liberal and contradict the pope. Liberals just want the pope to be nicer to some people such as the divorced but what use is that when the core system of Catholicism is a human invention and a toxic one? Liberals are only enabling the poison.
Instead of supporting their religion, liberals want to destroy it and set up a counterfeit of it. Their dishonesty only drives more members of a religion to take a strong stand in its favour against the liberals.

Liberals have their values. The values include equality and the dignity of the person and concern for those who are suffering or poor. Liberals sometimes seem to say that they only have faith in these principles. Others say there is no need for faith for it is plainly obvious that they are true. Then why are they clouding those core values with silly rituals and doctrines and Church structures? Why are they clouding them particularly with honouring evil saints such as Moses and Dominic and vile violence laden revelations such as those in the Bible? There is actually not a lot about love in the Bible God's doctrine but there are plenty of threats and violence.

The weeping and grinding of teeth in Hell that Jesus talks about is said to be the damned regretting not the sin but how much they suffer for it. They do not hate the sin as such. You might wonder if the liberal “Christians” who say hating sin is about compassion for the sinner for sin hurts the sinner are in fact preparing people for a hotspot in Hell! Both the liberals and the damned just care about side effects of sin not sin!

If Christianity is a man made religion then it will have errors. In that case a progressive Christain does not exist. What you have is a person using the label who is trying to mend the errors while pretending the religion is definitely from God. What kind of respect for equality and dignity is that?

Liberal Christianity is just a heap of man-made religions and schools of thought. Each group has its own views. It is a form of fundamentalist and idolatry to be part of a religion like that. Idolatry is a form of fundamentalism and fundamentalism is a form of idolatry.  Catholicism is different from any other religion - it claims that the Church is somehow the saviour - it is Jesus.  It is the mystical body of Christ and thus he uses it to discipline and feed and correct believers and pass on his teaching.  If this claim is not true, then Catholic liberalism wants the Church to be worse than the other religions out there!

Don't give liberals your time for they will bore you.  Don't give them money for they misrepresent religion and lie to you.  Don't empower them for they are acting the same as politicians.  Don't flatter them for they are only out for themselves anyway.


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