It is proven that if you oppose love and justice and compassion as principles they come out another way - a warped way.  For example, you are saying it is unfair to be fair!

So morality is a brute fact and we don't need God to ground or stand for morality.  Trying to do that is creating doubt about morality and then hauling in God as a crutch to fix that doubt.

God as object?
Is God a subject and an object? He is not an object like a stone on a beach but he is an object in the sense that he is really there and really exists. It is clumsy language. God as a person and a being who is alive would have to be a subject too. Now, if you say God and morality is the same thing you are objectifying God. You are making him an object then. He is a person in the way any person is - he is an object that way. But not the kind of object you can turn into a thing or principle.
So though God is an object he cannot be objectified as morality for you don't do that to a person. His being an object is irrelevant for he is not that kind of object that can be treated as a function to do something with instead of as a being in his own right who deserves respect.
Trying to fuse God and morality only defiles morality and gives you a fake one.
Inherently evil or not?
In medieval times, the Church worried about how our sins did not recognise the dignity of God. Even though it opposed harming people (at least in some things!), the harm was not its problem with sin. St Anselm thought that the worst thing about sin is the insult it offers to God’s dignity and not any inherent evil in the sin. If you steal it does not matter at all that you violated a person’s rights and took what does not belong to you. What matters is how you are to be like God and failed for you are insulting how great and wonderful he is.
Some Christians might respond that the sin is an affront to God’s dignity BECAUSE it is inherently evil. But if it is inherently evil it is inherently evil even if there is no God. It would be wrong to say it is inherently evil but also inherently evil because it insults God. You would need to prove that it is inherently bad for that reason too which would mean you need to prove God. Innocent until proven guilty. If you make something more inherently evil than it is that is a form of bullying and you actually become inherently evil yourself!
If the harm done by sin is not a concern for God but his dignity is then he is not worth worshipping.
We know that we are all the same and what helps us be the same is believing we are the same. That is why you are a danger to the happiness of others if you do not care about your own happiness. It is not only an education in how to hurt but when you are toxic towards yourself you will be toxic towards others and if you ask them to put up with you that is not right either. Fix yourself and go and be good to them. You cannot love others except in so far as you love yourself. Christianity says you must love God with all your heart and only please your neighbour to keep God happy. That is psychologically damaging. It needs to be about people for their own sake and about you for your own sake.
The brute fact
Objective morality just is. It does not need to be created. It can’t be created. Why? Because to say there is no objective morality is an objectively moral statement. To say that maths is all nonsense is to make a mathematical statement. 1+1=anything. Religion admits that it does not need a creator but it says the reason is that God was not created and God is objective morality.

Imagine it is possible for objective morality to be freely created. Imagine it is not good to feed a baby unless objective morality is brought into existence. Christianity says that morality and love are worthless unless freely chosen. Do you see now how extreme and mean spirited that religion is underneath the good deeds?


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