Christian Hypocrisy regarding Jobs

If you take a job in a pharmacists and have to sell condoms and you are a believing Catholic believing that the use of condoms is intrinsically sinful and never justified what do you do?
Some reply that you should sell them but tell the boss that you can’t do it any more and either he removes them or makes some arrangement that you won’t be the one selling them. But he is not going to remove them and to want somebody else to sell them for you is making them do the evil for you.
Some reply that you should sell them for the buyer may have no problem with using condoms and it is her or his business. You are there not as a boss but as a worker so it’s not your fault. It would be your fault if you were the boss. Your job is not to judge sin but to attend the customers.
But if somebody asks you to give them something that is intrinsically evil it is your business that you are being asked to help them do wrong. Would you sell a shotgun to a child and then say it was none of your business? The Church believes that guns are not intrinsically evil but condoms and contraception are. So how much worse is it to help people requesting contraception or condoms.
And if you are in a job in which you will have to assist people to do evil by giving them condoms then you shouldn’t be in the job. Christ said no man can serve two masters so if you give people what you see to be evil and anti-God for the sake of having a job and pleasing your boss you are hating God. You are not loving God above jobs and bosses and spouses and everything. And he wants to be loved above all. He said that you have to do his will even if it means your father and mother and children will hate you.
The Church denies that you can evade responsibility for your actions by saying a boss or somebody told you to do it. Many of the Nazis used such an excuse.
What about the contraceptive pill which the Catholic Church regards as causing an early abortion? Clearly no practising Catholic can join the staff of a pharmacy any more than a Catholic can join an abortion clinic.
We see pharmacists being welcomed to the altar for communion so the Catholic Church is a totally sneaky religion with no real standards.
We could go on forever about jobs and Christianity. Selling newspapers that promote contraception and astrology and slander must be a sin for Catholics. Working in a dishonest business that requires you to say nothing, to thereby help it con people, must be a sin. Everything then must be a sin. Every penny put into the pocket of a man who does not love God must be money paid to Satan.


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