Saint Don Bosco said, “There will be chaos in the Church. Tranquillity will not return until the Pope succeeds in anchoring the boat of Peter between the Twin Pillars of Eucharist Devotion and devotion to Our Lady. This will come about one year before the end of the century.” (The Thunder of Justice. Flynn Ted and Mary, MaxKol Communications, Inc. Sterling (VA), 1993, p. A213). This prophecy did not come to pass when he said it would. Hence, he is a false prophet, yet he is still a Roman Catholic saint. The Church makes the excuse that the prophecy is conditional. But a date was given. God may know what will happen if people do x or don't do x but he cannot know the time or year. God cannot can only make clever guesses about what will happen in a future that will not take place.
Bosco was an expert conjurer and was well experienced in magic shows. That may explain one of his "miracles".  On one occasion, a priest left a note for him that there was not enough communion to give out. Bosco claimed he never seen the note. So when he went to give communion, he realised there were not enough wafers to give to 360 boys in the congregation. So Bosco claimed that he gave lads communion thinking it would run out in seconds but that the wafers kept multiplying in the ciborium and they all got communion. This story is extremely suspicious. What if he did see the note and hid wafers in his robes to magically produce them? If he really thought he had only enough wafers for a few boys why did he invite them all to come to the altar for communion?

Bosco shortly before he died, wrote about his attraction to the young boys he was responsible for, and he wrote in the third person as if he was disgusted with himself,

“I will reveal to you now a fear . . . I fear that one of ours may come to misinterpret the affection that Don Bosco had for the young, and from the way that I received their confession – really, really close – and may let himself get carried away with too much sensuality towards them, and then pretend to justify himself by saying that Don Bosco did the same, be it when he spoke to them in secret, be it when he received their confession. I know that one can be conquered by way of the heart, and I fear dangers, and spiritual harm.”

The F is Father for Father Bosco.  The S is son.

F. Mohammedanism was started by Mohamed.

S. Oh! We’d really like to hear about this Mohamed. Tell us everything you know about him.

F. It would take too long to tell you all the stories about this famous impostor. But I’ll tell you who he was and how he came to establish his Religion.

In the year 570, Mohamed was born into a poor family, of a Jewish mother and gentile father, in Mecca an Arabian city not far from the Red Sea. In search of glory and desirous of bettering his conditions, he wandered around several countries and managed in Damascus to become the agent of a merchant’s widow who afterwards married him. He was cunning enough to take advantage of his infirmities as well as her ignorance, to establish a religion. Suffering from epilepsy, male caduco, he claimed his frequent falls were ecstasies wherein he had conversations with the Angel Gabriel.

S. What an imposter to deceive people like that! Did he also try to work miracles to support his predication?

F. Mohamed couldn’t work any miracles to support his religion, as he was not sent by God. God is the sole author of miracles. However, as he claimed himself greater than Jesus Christ, he was asked to work miracles in the same way [as Jesus]. He arrogantly replied that the miracles had [already] been worked by Jesus Christ and that he [himself] had been called by God to reestablish the religion by force.

With all of this he claimed to have worked one miracle. He said he had been able to restore a piece of the moon after it had fallen onto his sleeve; to commemorate this ridiculous miracle, the Muslims made the half-moon their emblem.

You laugh, beloved sons, and you are right to do so, since a man of that sort [simply] had to be deemed a charlatan, not the predicator of a new religion. For this reason, his fellow-citizens wanted to imprison him and put him to death since his reputation as an imposter and disturber of the peace was widely known. But he managed to escape and retreated to the city of Medina along with some libertines who helped him and made him the ruler of that city. [1]

S. What exactly does the Mohammedan religion consist of?

F. Mohamed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. The book of Mohamed’s laws is called the Qur’an i.e. the book par excellence. This religion is also called Turkish (Ottoman) since it is widely diffused in Turkey; Muslim [Musulmana] derives from Mosul, the name that the Mohammedans give to their prayer director; Islamism, from the name of some of its reformers; at any rate, it is still the same religion Mohamed established.

S. Why did Mohamed put together this mixture of various religions?

F. Since the peoples of Arabia were in part Jews, Christians and Pagans, he consequently selected a part of the religion they professed in order to induce them to follow him, choosing in particular, those points that would favor sensual pleasures the most.

S. Mohamed must have been an erudite man?

F. Absolutely not, he couldn’t even write; and in composing his Qur’an he was assisted by a Jew and an apostate monk. When discussing things contained in Holy Scripture he confused the facts; for example, he attributes to Mary, Moses’ sister, many facts that regard Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, in addition to many, many other frightful errors.

S. This seems hard to believe: if Mohamed was ignorant and he didn’t work any miracles how could he have propagated his religion?

F. Mohamed propagated his religion, not through miracles or persuasive words, but by military force. In a short time, this religion which favoured every sort of licentiousness, allowed Mohamed to become the leader of a troop of brigands. Along with them he raided the countries of the East and conquered the people, not by indicating the Truth, not by miracles or prophecy but with one aim only: to raise his sword over the heads of the conquered shouting: believe or die!

S. What a villain! This cannot be the way to convert people! Without doubt, Mohamed being such an ignoramus must have planted many seeds of error in the Qur’an?

F. We could say the Koran is a series of errors, the most enormous ones being against morality and the worship of the true God. For example, it excuses from sin those who deny God out of fear of death; it permits revenge; it guarantees its followers a Paradise filled only of earthly pleasures. In short, this false prophet’s doctrine permits things so obscene, that the Christian soul is horrified just naming them.

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Comment: Even if what Bosco said was right it is still bigoted because he does nothing to corroborate what he says.  Such allegations need to be referenced.  And there is the kettle and pots problem.  Jesus propagated religion with moral and verbal terrorism and looked up to Moses as mentor and took responsibility for what Moses did. 


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