Christianity and Islam teach that at death, if we are estranged from God by sin, we will go to Hell to suffer forever and once we go there it is impossible for us to leave.  Catholics call such sin mortal sin.

You never love anybody. What you love is the image you have of them and their attractiveness in your mind. If the saints are not pained by the suffering of the damned then there is no attractiveness in the damned at all in which case Hell must be not an iota less horrible than God could possibly make it. It must be extreme torment. The damned are wholly evil for they have to deserve all that. This cannot be for no matter how evil we are there has to be something attractive in us for evil is nothing more than warped good. God cannot make the saints happy at all. What makes them happy is their own power of perception. It is how they perceive God that makes them happy. And yet Christianity insults the human race by saying that Hell is caused by not wanting God and not loving him.
So God puts people in Hell for not loving him though it is only our perception of him that we can love. God has to accuse us falsely then to get an excuse for casting us into the infernal depths of Hell! Hell is unnecessary. One then would be intellectually handicapped for denying that the saints think the screams of the damned are music to their ears. Eternal punishment is a doctrine of hate and it commands hate and legitimises it on earth as it does in Heaven.
When you love your perception of a person and not the person it follows that you should not approve when anything too terrible happens to the person, like death or eternal damnation. Why? Because if your perception is that they deserve it the danger is that you could be wrong for it is just your perception and you must stay on the safe side.


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