"Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin" TRANSLATION: "just tell people to blind themselves to the hate they harbour".


Being vindictive towards a sin means being vindictive to the sinner. A sinner shows what he is as a person by his sin so the sin cannot be treated as if it were not him. The sin is different from him but not separate from him. The Church contradicts the truth with love the sinner and hate the sin. It gets away with the lie because people think that hating the harm is the same as loving the person but it is forgotten that sin is a judgemental term. It is about what the person deserves and not the harm done to the person as such. The Church says God judges the sin not the sinner and loves sinners. Only a miracle could make that possible. Only a miracle that can make the impossible possible can enable us to love the sinner and hate the sin. The doctrine is so outrageous that it implies it is safer NOT to believe in God. And if it is safer to jettison belief in God it follows belief in sin is also jettisoned.

Loving the sinner in spite of sin seems to imply that you love reluctantly. It is more accurate to say it implies that you only trick yourself into thinking you love. In reality you hate the person.

Loving the sinner because of sin is really just using sin as a word. It is insane to speak of loving somebody because of their sin and what it makes them deserve. Sin implies judging and approving of the person being punished.

Remember: love the sinner hate the sin is confused with "love the person doing the self-destructive thing but hate the self-destruction." It is not the same. Sin implies condemnation and disapproval and punishment.

If you want to be good at abusing and hurting another person, tell them you do it because you love them. Those who believe in love the sinner and hate the sin will swallow that easily. "Love sinner but hate sin" commands distorted perception and bans you from seeing that the sinner makes the sin part of herself or himself and if the sin should be hated that part of her or him should be hated. Hate is not rational so it is essentially dangerous. Opposing rationality is opposing the truth and the rules we need to survive.

To tell us to love the sinner and hate the sin is to encourage us to separate our sins from ourselves so that we see only our lovability. It fuels the human tendency to pretend that our sins are not part of what we are and to detest God who sees through us.

Our human nature tends to be in denial, at least a little, about how much evil we do. To hold that we are to love the sinner and hate the sin encourages us to make a separation from the sinner and the sin. The sin is something outside the sinner that affects her or him. I would find it easier to take that approach with my own sins rather than anybody else’s. Love sinner but hate her sin is exactly what a psychopath-to-be would want to hear. It encourages you to blame those who try to stop your sin for the evil you do.

We resent some evils not all. The mother who lets her son put himself in danger for others is praised and not resented. So our hatred for sin is not about it being harmful so much as us not liking it. If we really despised evil because it was evil, it wouldn’t matter if it hurt us or not. We are lying that we love the person whose sins we claim to hate. It is not their being sins that bothers us. We just don't like it and use sin as an excuse for nastiness towards the sinner.

If we feel that we hate the sins it does not mean we really hate them. We might just dislike them. We are not opposed to them just because they are sins but because we dislike them. So according to the rule demanding that we hate sin, we fail to hate the sins and are guilty of malice against the sinner.

The rule says if you love sinners, you hate their sins. So you hate the sinner, practically if not emotionally, if you don't hate the sins and work for their obliteration. So its hate to love the sinner and not hate their sins. But we know it is also hatred to love the sinner and hate the sin for sin describes a kind of person. Love the sinner and hate the sin is a cosmetic rendering of love the sinner and hate the sinner. If it is hate to let a sinner sin and to not care, it is far more hate to hate his or her sins.

Sometimes those who are blind to their own faults and those of others, are guilty of loving the sinner so much that they go too far in erring on the side of caution in relation to the sinner's actions. They go too far in putting a good interpretation on the actions. Then soon everybody takes advantage of this and even the innocents become hooligans.

Love sinner and hate the sin means love sinner and hate sinner. It is an appeal to you to degrade yourself by blinding yourself. If you are blind to evil, you are doing the best possible thing to empower evil. You invite harm to be done to yourself. You will fight off the realisation of that. But deep down you will know. Fear and suspicion and cynicism will be your rewards. You will resent yourself for seeing the truth despite all your efforts to obscure it.


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