Loving your neighbour as yourself is bad news because:

Jesus Christ commanded that we must love our neighbour as ourselves.
He said that it was secondary in importance to the command that we must dedicate wholly to God - no reserving or holding back. You are to love your neighbour for the sake of God. Such was the underlying contempt he had for people, despite the fact that we are to love people not for them but for God, it is still secondary in importance!
He does not command you to love yourself but merely notes that you ALREADY love yourself. He commands you to love your neighbour as you already love yourself. As for the loving yourself he does not say if it is good or bad. The commandment being about your neighbour not you obviously sees self-love as bad or a necessary evil.
Love of God and love of neighbour as oneself or even less do not necessarily go together for what if you were in a universe where there was nobody to love only God? If they go together that means that loving your brother and sister is a response to God's love for his creation. It is letting God love them through you. It is really about God not them.
Christians do not pay much attention to love your neighbour as yourself in practice. For example, if Charlie forgives unrepentant James for beating him up without mercy and refuses to press charges though it is a good option and James needs a lesson, the Christians praise Charlie. They have no concern for Charlie being so stupid - he is letting James getting away with it and maybe somebody else will now get hurt at James' hands. Another example, is how people may say that I can annoy my neighbours by making a lot of unnecessary noise for it is my house. Another example is how you marry which means you are going to treat one neighbour as yourself and the others as secondary. The rule fails to help with issues like, "Should I kill myself to provide my organs so that five people will survive?", "Should I have an abortion to save my health?", "Should I blackmail Ann not to use the birth control pills for they will kill the human persons she conceives or should I replace the pills with tic tacs?", "Should we enable cars to travel only at 40 kph max to save lives ended on the roads when life matters more than convenience?", "Should smokers be put to the back of the list when looking for hospital treatment to let those who are sick though they do not abuse themselves be looked after first?" and, "Should I shoot my wife for working at an abortion clinic and killing all those unborn babies?" Which of these is loving others as much as myself? Hundreds of issues could be added to the list. It simply does not help when it comes to major issues. It is not really about helping but about getting a warm self-righteous glow. People feel happy when they imagine how they love their neighbour so much as themselves.
If you love your neighbour in the same way as you love yourself, you will react in hate towards anybody who hurts your neighbour just as you would if they hurt you. Love risks leading to hate and often does. Jesus was full of passive aggression so maybe that was the reason why he said, "Love your neighbour as yourself" instead of sensibly saying, "Do nothing to deliberately injure another." Christians typically say he only meant that we do nothing to hurt others. But my refusing to hurt John does not mean I love him. Jesus commanded us to love God alone so he meant we are to love what we see of God in our neighbours. This is not really loving the neighbours or valuing them but using them as a means of honouring God. If you love your neighbour as yourself you will react in hate and anger to an attack on your neighbour the way you would an attack on yourself. If you treat your neighbour as God the hate and anger will be even worse for you are to love God totally and more than yourself.
Love your neighbour as yourself warms the heart which is why it rings true. But its beauty is based on a misperception.
Like Jesus, the Christians like to sound as if they are speaking wisdom while they are saying nothing helpful at all. Christians claim the command to make themselves look good but they do not use it as a measuring stick for their lives. They ignore it and then instigate hatred against anybody who deplores it or questions it. If disobeying it doesn't do them much harm then why should scoffers of the commandment be hounded and criticised?
You cannot love your neighbour as yourself and there is nothing to be ashamed of for that is the way we are. We get by and have a good enough life without people loving us as they love themselves. The command however seeks to make you feel awful about being a normal person and makes you feel never good enough. That is why those who try to practice it end up feeling that they should love others and not themselves and when they fail they end up hating everybody and rationalising that they cannot help the hate so it is not a sin.
Love your neighbour as yourself was a clever ruse by the Church to put people down and to keep them coming to the Church for elusive or temporary comfort from the sacraments and the prayers. You cannot love yourself if you try to love others as yourself for it burdens yourself. In fact Jesus' commandment may have been a poetic way of saying love others and not yourself. It could be like one of his parables and ironies.
Everything you do you do it for yourself even when you hate doing it for you want to do it more than not want to. So when you do good for another person it is not because you value them. You value the feelings that make you help them. You can’t do good for another person unless it is going to please yourself. I mean when you like something you mean you find your own fulfilment in it. Liking means finding satisfaction so when you like a person you are not valuing that person but how they make you feel. So you love yourself in the sense that you value yourself alone but you love your neighbour in the sense that you like your neighbour. Love is liking. But you do not value your neighbour as yourself for you cannot and you do not like your neighbour as yourself either.
You are called selfish or too self-loving when you are ungrateful for that will harm yourself which is a strange kind of selfishness. Real selfishness is what is best for yourself and for others. Even when we act as if we are concerned for others and not ourselves we are concerned just for ourselves. Everything you do is done only for self-love. When you give a stranger $100 it is hard to see the self-love in that. But you didn’t do it for him but because you wanted to do it for him. Focus on the words you wanted. It was for you not him. Just because you gave it and he benefited doesn’t mean you did it for him as far as motive is concerned.
When you help a sick stranger it is because you, you believe in helping and want to believe in it and not for them. It cannot be for any other reason. It is not the stranger you value but yourself. You value yourself but in the broad sense of love - which is helping others - you do love them which is not what the commandment means. You are still not treating them as another you. You are helping them for yourself even if it is just to satisfy the need to help others. This need is programmed into us. We did not make it.
People want you to help them because you like to and not because you feel you ought to. We want each other to practice this kind of self-centredness.
You should not love your neighbour as yourself but love yourself through your neighbour for there is no need to demean yourself by loving your neighbour as yourself. This means enjoying seeing others happy. It does not mean you do evil but it means you live the same way as a person who says you must love your neighbour as yourself does but the only difference will be is that you have the honesty not to pretend you are being unselfish.
Love your neighbour as yourself is hypocrisy. Religion is founded on this insincerity. All who preach religion are behind the evil that the people who listen to them do because they create an evil system that can’t make them better people though they say it can. Good happens in spite of faith and not because of it. If you give a psychopath a pill that won’t help him or that shouldn’t then you are as much the cause of any crime he commits as he is even though you didn’t tell him to commit it. And so it is with religions useless and futile therapies for unhappiness and sin. Religion is too silly for people not to notice and so it is undoubtedly a wilful con.
The fact that God says in the Bible he commanded love of neighbour as oneself through Moses and Jesus Christ is enough to condemn the commandment. Say the rule is right. How could God command what should command itself (assuming love should be commanded at all)? I mean if it is good then he has no need to command it at all but just to draw our attention to it and its rightness. A commanding God means one thing: that human beings are dirt and have no right to expect any proper treatment from God and that they should be dominated by an interfering divine dictator and by religious leaders who represent him. Religion means war and that people should not think for themselves and it shows that religion dislikes people and is two-faced when it seems friendly for if you liked people you would trust them and not be trying to give them a God who issues orders to keep them in line.
Jesus who made this law of so-called love of neighbour as oneself said it was related to and like the command to love God with all your heart and so Christianity has always taught that the two go together. In other words, the stronger your faith in God the more you love your neighbour. This accuses doubters and atheists of being trouble and of being undesirable people. It opposes the right to have and express your own opinion. It is pro-discrimination.
Loving as yourself implies that if you have one neighbour you should share half your love for you and half for the neighbour so it must be a sin to treat yourself, which is loving only yourself, for you must involve him. Therefore the more people you have to serve the less you should serve yourself and you should only serve yourself like go to the doctor for medical help when you are ill so that you can help others better. The more neighbours you serve the better so the commandment soon puts the loving yourself totally off the picture. Most people take love your neighbour as yourself to mean you care for your neighbour’s feeling as much as your own. But what if the neighbour has a mental illness that makes him need you as a slave and which will afflict him horribly if you don’t comply with his every wish? Most people will say you should still have your own life but it shows the duplicity and fake charm of the love neighbour as yourself doctrine.
Love your neighbour as yourself in practice means you love your neighbour more than yourself because since you cannot judge others like you judge yourself it means you can let them manipulate you for to treat them fairly means you have to be more trusting of them than you are of yourself.
Some people believe that casting spells for their neighbours is loving them as themselves! You can be sure that Jesus would disagree with this so what he meant by loving your neighbour was treating your neighbour as Jesus would treat her. That is, he wants neighbours treated according to his rules so rather than respecting your neighbour you end up imposing your faith system on their lives. It is love to prevent your neighbour having access to heretical books for somebody has to be displeased in cases of conflict and Jesus who comes first will be unhappy if you don’t do it his way as will his Church be. Jesus told the unfortunate ordinary people he preached to that if their Roman persecutors forced them to carry their packs one mile for them to generously carry it a second mile (Matthew 5:41). To be so kind to hardened killers who hate you and your people and who will laugh at you is certainly not loving yourself as much as them. You could have found better things to do, like helping decent people, than go an extra mile. Jesus would have told you to do what they ask but no more but to be pleasant if he had really believed in love neighbour as yourself.
Loving your neighbour as yourself is impossible for you love the perception you have created of your neighbour as yourself not your neighbour. Jesus was commanding the impossible to break us down. He was commanding that we blind ourselves just because he said so. The commandment is pro-deception and a load of whitewash. Jesus created a discouraging and impossible standard of “morality”. Clearly it was not meant to work!


You cannot love your neighbour unless you know your neighbour. If you cannot love your neighbour until you know something about them that is conditional love. Religion lies that it cares unconditionally. The reality is different religions get in the way of people knowing each other properly.
To love your neighbour as yourself you would have to love the sinner and hate the sin – and we are supposed to be all sinners. But you cannot do this any more than you can love your mind and hate the life that causes it. To say John’s painting is bad is to say John is a bad artist. So you cannot separate the sin from the sinner and it is a lie to say you can. The person who says you have done wrong is saying you are bad as a person and that is that and they wouldn’t be saying it unless they thought you did it deliberately. You can't hate anybody unless you feel there is value in them - you cannot hate without loving. Loving the sinner and hating the sinner is meaningless when the definition of hate is feeling a strong and perhaps vindictive dislike for somebody part of you cares about. If you separate the sinner from the sin by implication you are separating the person from the good they do as well. To insult a person by pretending their sin is not part of them and they are good people because the sin has nothing to do with them is also to insult their good deeds. Sin is not an act - it is evil character evil people. You are your sin - the sinful act only shows what you are like. The love sinner and hate sin crap only results in people pretending they don't hate and in that sense it encourages hate for people like to pretend they are kinder than what they really are. Hate that is disguised is worse than hate that is let out. Repression destroys the hater and the hated far more than outright hatred does.
Loving your neighbour as yourself is just a Christian scam for glory, money, influence and power.


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