The following argues that the Bible does not support but in fact opposes Christian claims about the Eucharist and the Mass.

Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that when they celebrate the Eucharist and the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ that the sacrifice Jesus made once and for all on the cross is made invisibly present.  So the Mass then is the same sacrifice as the cross not a new one. They say the Mass is not an attempt to kill Jesus all over again but an unbloody sacrifice.  The priest does not shed blood at the Mass but it is a true sacrifice.
The belief is that because God is outside of time and is in eternity all things are to him as if they are happening at once.  The trouble with this view is that it means that no matter where you are the sacrifice of the cross is present and so is the death of Napoleon and World War II and so on! And yet the Church teaches that we must go to Mass to offer sacrifice for you don’t go there to pray or hear the word of God for you can do that anywhere.  The Church is not consistent with its idea about events being present to God at the one instant so we must conclude that the Mass is really about trying to slaughter Jesus over again.  Blood may not be spilled but the wine is said to be Jesus’ blood and it is treated like real blood.
The Bible never teaches that God is outside time. Thus the Bible must condemn the Mass as a new sacrifice.

The Letter to the Hebrews says that Jesus died for sinners once and for all and his sacrifice takes sins away precisely because it needs no repeating. Hebrews say that sacrifices offered over and over again are no good just because they need to be repeated.  Does Rome repeat the sacrifice of Jesus in the Mass? Rome says it doesn’t do that for it offers only one sacrifice, that of Calvary.  So it repeats the offering but not the sacrifice. But what is the problem Hebrews has? Is it the sacrifices having to be repeated or the offering having to be repeated?  It is both.  Making a sacrifice - killing the victim - is distinct from offering the victim. For example, you can make a sacrifice and offer it to God time and time again for the next ten years.  The repeated offering of sacrifices indicates that they cannot forgive sins.
If you offer your wife a wedding ring on your wedding day and keep offering her the ring over and over again that shows you have doubts about the first offering being any good.  
Christians do not offer Christ to God for he did that himself. We have no right to look for salvation because we don’t deserve it.  We have no right to offer Christ. What we do is accept what Jesus has offered to God for us.  It is sinful for us to offer Christ to God for it is like criminals trying to avoid the punishment that they deserve by using a victim in their place.  But if Christ invites us to come to him he knows what he is doing and that is different so we simply go to him.  
What matters is offering your sins to God for healing and forgiveness not offering Christ.  There is only one priest and his name is Jesus.  Christians are priests in the sense that they offer their prayers and sacrifices to God and nothing more.  
Hebrews says we can boldly go to the holiest place of all any time. Jesus has done it all for us so we don't need to offer Masses or anything to placate God.
Roman Catholics come to the Mass to take their sins away. They are going to it not Jesus. They are still in their sins.


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