Miracle Beliefs Insult Sufferers

A miracle is what is not naturally possible. It is a supernatural occurrence. It is paranormal.
Religion uses miracles as evidence for the truth of its claims.
Miracles are events that seem to be against nature or the way natural law usually runs. In other words, they cannot be explained by nature. Examples are the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing to children, the unexplained cure of incurable illness, blood coming out of nowhere on Catholic communion wafers, the sun spinning at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 and most importantly Jesus Christ coming back to life after being dead nearly three days. It is thought that only God can do these things.

Catholicism says, "Miracles are signs from God that our religion is true. We have to believe in the Bible ones but the ones that took place since are optional."  What is bad about that?  So it is saying the modern miracles are better verified because of modern science than the Bible ones and it is the hearsay in the Bible from long ago that we are required to believe in! That is a dishonest double-standard. The Church says that no apparition can request anything that might do harm for it is not certain if the apparition is from Heaven or has some unusual cause and yet it accepted the appearances of Mary at Lourdes in 1858 despite her making Bernadette eat plants at an infectious dump and demanding that the people drink from the spring!

A miracle is a miracle, if one should be believed all should be believed. Scientific investigations take place of modern miracles so they should be more believable and more obligatory to believe than the Bible ones from a pre-scientific age!

Miracles cannot be important if they happen without regard to what a person believes.  So the Catholic cult says, "No genuine miracles take place outside of the one true faith or religion. "  You can’t know that for you don’t investigate most of your own reported miracles and none outside the fold! You are lying. You are manipulating the evidence.

Miracles are unfair anyway so it is not a wonder if they lead to further unfairness. All miracles are malignant and unfair because of what they say about human and animal suffering.
You are more sure that pain and suffering exist than you are that a miracle happened. Miracles call you to suffering on the grounds of religious faith. For example, Christianity asks you to suffer heroically for the spread of the faith. All religions say you have to suffer to obey them. So you undergo what is certain, suffering, for what is of inferior certainty. This is still true if you have seen the miracle yourself. Seeing a vision does not mean it is real but you know suffering is real. Yet the miracle asks you to trust in a revelation suggesting that we need help from above to determine right and wrong and cannot do it ourselves meaning doing what you are told matters more than stopping the pain or suffering. It is even worse to take a miracle or revelation seriously when you have not seen it so people reporting miracles are making you evil. 

 Every miracle has an equal that says it is false.  If the evidence says Jesus healed then how do we know it says it? We can't use evidence to help us.  A miracle could simulate a miracle cure. Perhaps a miracle faked the illness so there was no cure?   Perhaps a miracle happened to make people think an illness and cured happened by changing memories?  So you may have a before and after a claimed miracle but you will never know or be able to guess what the exact miracle was.  If God tells us to use healings as signs this shows no respect for truth or the patient who is sick.


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