Miracles contradict the fact that it's not God's business what we believe

Religion says miracles happen because God wants to call us back to his ways. They are signs of his love and he does them to provide evidence that the doctrines he revealed to us are true.

The fact that if the doctrines are good that should be all that matters doesn't enter into this.

Science sees a universe that does not look like it needs a God to make and sustain it. If God hides, then miracles must be hoaxes or untrue. Why hide and then do miracles? Miracle claims are accusing God of being a ridiculous entity. Science certainly shows that God, if he exists, has no right to expect us to believe.

It's none of God's business what we do or believe.

If it is none of God's business what we do, it is even less his business what we believe. And belief just happens, you cannot make it happen. That is another reason why it is none of his business what we believe.

Is anything at all about us God's business?

Is something right or good because God commands it or is it right whether there is a God or not? It's one or the other. The first implies that God invents morality. The second implies that we must decide for ourselves what is good. Christians say that God does invent morality but as he is a loving God he will not invent a cruel morality. This solves nothing. It is still saying there is no morality and God has to invent it. In fact its deceitfulness is objectionable and you might call it immoral. God makes the problem worse.

Morality is independent of God therefore we must decide it for ourselves. It is our business, and only ours, what we do and believe. Therefore miracles are unimportant. All that matters is what we want and need. If miracles are signs from God then God is trying to deceive us. If miracles suggest that we need signs to convince us to follow God's rules, then they must be saying that the rules look silly to us or are devoid of credibility. Thus if some fake prophet says you must bomb the Jews at worship next Sabbath you must do it if he does what appears to be a miracle to show God's approval.

We draw a number of conclusions.

Miracles are not signs from a loving God. If they purport to be then they are evil. They are evil because if morality is independent of God and even God can't change it then they are not necessary. If they happen, then it is to oppose this truth and to lure the superstitious and the ignorant away from it.

To say that miracles show the love of God and the power of love is dangerous propaganda.

If miracles really do that, then we should not want to verify them at all. It would be like hearing something inspirational from a teacher and then looking for evidence that the teacher said it. It would be in effect failing to focus on the message.

If you really believe in love and being good to others, you will not need belief in miracles. It will not matter to you if somebody does not believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Believers might say, "But this belief gives us hope that death has been conquered. People need that hope. We want to share that hope." But why not help people find what it is that gives THEM hope. Just because faith in the resurrection works for you does not mean it can and will work for others.

With miracles, it is the testimony of the witnesses that really counts not the miracle. It is really faith in people who say that God has acted rather than faith in God that is involved. Thus those who say that belief in God and morality are inseparable fall into a trap. They end up following human ideas about God and morality as if the ideas were God.

That accounts for the Islamic and Evangelical Christian obsession with the idea that there is no faith in morality without faith in God. Power is at the root of it. And intolerance the wife of power.

Miracles are said to call us back to obey God but the problem is that God has no right to our obedience. If an occult or supernatural force is behind them it is both deceitful and therefore dangerous.


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