Money doesn't buy happiness, well it makes it possible if you know how to go about it!

Many people in society say that wealth is bad.
There is no standard for deciding how much you must have before you can be considered wealthy. The poor man with more bread than his neighbour is actually wealthy in comparison.
To say money does not buy happiness is to deny that you need money to stay healthy, fed, attractive and to feel good. This is not true. Not using money properly or being able to enjoy it does not prove that money fails to buy happiness! Happiness brings money and money brings happiness. Receiving money is affirming to yourself that you are attracting and drawing happiness to yourself.
Without money we cannot look after ourselves or our loved ones. We cannot help the poor.
If money didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be alive now. Money paid for your safe birth, your vaccinations, cures for your sicknesses, the police to look after you and life would be misery without it. To be ungrateful for and to money is to set antagonistic forces in motion that will come back on you.
Beliefs such that money does not buy happiness are false. Yes a person can be extremely wealthy and be very unhappy. It is not money that is to be blamed. It is how it has been used. It is how the person perceives it. The person needs to be grateful. For many people who invest wisely and with enthusiasm and who spend more wisely, money does indeed buy happiness.
Have a supportive feeling for the poor!
Don't say the poor will always be with us. That doesn't encourage us to work for the eradication of poverty. Say the poor could be with us until we and they help eliminate poverty.
We will not teach any religious system that commands the rich to give to the poor. No. We shall help the rich to be happier and to develop proper self-esteem and then they will become cheerful givers. The gold in the coffers of the rich will be in the jam pots of the poor one day.
Many in the world trample upon the poor and upon those who toil for them believing that they will get away with it and become wealthy. Many often do and many do get away with it. It serves no purpose to pretend that the day will come when they will lose the game. In fact to pretend such a thing is to try and manifest a horrific fall for them. You damage your own spirit by such ideas. The hard fall will come to you quicker than they because you are polluting yourself with harmful energies!
The rich who invest their money to make more of it are not doing wrong. The wealthy shall seek power and money for the more powerful they become the more they can do for the poor.
You are helping the poor merely by making money. You are projecting the mystical power of the belief that it is not wrong to be rich into the world and this power strengthens and blesses the rich who seek to help the poor. It strengthens the poor to find a better standard of living.
By making money, you are helping others. You help the bankers and their families and the economy. You are preventing poverty. If you don't give much to the poor, someday your money will benefit the poor and prevent poverty.
The person who has wealth and seeks more is not doing wrong. That person is to be praised.
We must refuse to believe that there isn’t enough money and food and comforts to go around. With the powers we have all things are possible. You can affirm to yourself that there is plenty of wealth and health and love and sex and food and beauty to go around and your share is coming!
We must let go of anything negative that we feel about wealth in order to attract it into our lives.
Suppose you condemn wealth because you are jealous of rich people. Then you are saying that others should be jealous of you if you become wealthy. You are inviting secret forces to work against you becoming wealthy. Thus you are putting up a wall to prevent the blessing of wealth from coming to you. Worse, you are saying wealth is bad for other people too and are attracting energy and making energy that afflicts the poor and makes them stay poor!
Do not feel that wealth or the love of wealth is the root of all evil. Wealth is good and loving it is good. It is only the abuse of wealth or your love for it that is to be avoided. You can only abuse what is good in the first place. Poverty is undesirable so wealth must be good.
Even if you only have the hair on your head you have wealth. Love wealth.
Embrace The Glory of Prosperity


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