The thesis of the book: Roman Catholicism is the religion of the Bible which is the word of God. It is the religion the Bible teaches.

CURRIE SAYS, Natural Family Planning leaves sex open to creating a new life if God so wills (201). It does not try to stop God creating life like contraception does. The main purpose for having children is so that they will be able to praise God forever in Heaven for that is what God wants (page 202). The main reason should be nothing else not even love for the children. Artificial birth control is selfish (page 206) and Onan was put to death for committing that sin by God. To want the pleasure of procreating and not the responsibility that comes with it is selfish (page 207).

THE TRUTH: It is selfish to decide there is a God and to put the children you can see and touch second to him. That is putting something you like believing in before what you can sense is real. After all there might be no God at all. If God wants to be praised let him make his praisers himself.
If it is wrong to try and stop God creating life then it must be wrong to try and make it harder for him as well. If condoms are sinful for they stop God creating life then it follows that using Natural Family Planning makes it harder for him to create life. If stopping God creating life is bad then making it harder for him though less bad is bad too.
An all-powerful God can make sure a woman gets pregnant even if condoms are used. Yet the Church forbids condoms even if the users believe they are open to letting God create life. If the condoms are immoral then so is any attempt to make it harder for God to make babies. You are not allowed to use a condom when you put a pin prick in it so that God may still be able to create life though pregnancy is unlikely.
If you use Natural Family Planning it is certainly true that you want the pleasure of sex but don't want the responsibility of a child. You are taking the risk that life will occur but you are minimising that risk. You still don't want a child. Yet people who use birth-control are criticised for this. Damn the hypocrisy of Currie and his Church!   They say that even if you use Natural Family Planning what you are doing is wanting the responsibility of a child only if God wills. That contradicts their view that Natural Family Planning may be used if the wife cannot have another child for it will kill her and is an act of love wishing to keep her alive. The man who wants the responsibility of a child under any circumstances when he has sex with his wife under such circumstances doesn’t think much of her. He should go and live with the pope for the pope comes first anyway. And if the wife has any sense she will help him pack.


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