When the most powerful ideology ever, the biggest information/propaganda sharing network ever, the biggest capturer of schools and minds ever, Christendom, permeates the globe and despite this the Nazi atrocities happen to such an unimaginable scale something is very clear.  There is a symbiotic relationship going on.  We must remember that something standing by to let the Nazis do the nefarious work makes it worse than the Nazis.  It also makes it complicit.

The Nazis had to be conscious that their empire could not last forever and that all would be revealed.  Yet they still kept meticulous notes on what they did to innocent people and how they did it. Names and details were kept with extreme care and professionalism. That was not only about their confidence that destroying Jews (and other groups) would benefit the world but also about their confidence in the anti-Semitism of the rest of the world. It is obvious that Hitler and his emissaries were cognizant of the unlimited power and influence of the Church and that they would never be able to match it, ever. They were assured by the anti-Jew doctrines, anti-Jew popes, anti-Jew traditions and the anti-Semitic gospels that their own rabid genocidal anti-Semitism would be looked upon favourably or get at least grudging praise. They were admitting from their experience that the Church was the sea that their evil swam in. The Church would not admit it with them but that makes them no less correct there.

Faith may be based around God and things like that but its chief mark is faith that people will overcome despite all obstacles and threats.  This is like a superstition or something.  It is almost paranormal or supernatural to many. Anyway faith in people is what united Nazi faith and Catholic faith.  That is why the latter cannot claim it has no role in what the Nazis did.  Faith is faith.

We must remember that faith in the divine in itself and as seen as working through people is not pure faith.  All believers admit that their faith is incomplete.  One obvious example of this is how many suspect that God may be evil or incompetent or even a fiction when they see somebody seemingly abandoned to the cruelties of life.  This can lead people who are evil to cling to a hope that some higher power will protect them from their own evil while helping it succeed.

If you point out to the many past and current atrocities done by religion and people like Hitler who it regards as members (and won’t even expel) you will be told that is what happens when the government and religion get too connected. Don’t buy that. It is an excuse. If religion has the power to transform or at least keep bad people from being worse it should woo the government. Despite appearances the government spiritually benefits from it.

The notion that anybody aims for absolute power is prone to being misunderstood.  Nobody is saying anybody aims to be a universal God.  What happens is you get into something and you want only your own way within that boundary.  You want to be God in action that way.  For that reason, ruling the universe or ruling your family can be as arrogant and superior as each other.  You think it is all about you meaning where it matters.  Technically this happens when you or a group get a lot of power in your bubble. Thinking you have absolute power when you cannot is part of it. Thinking you've power through prayer or the creator & u as a team is no safeguard.

Religion is only a man-made force and should not be protected by the stupid saying, "Religion is fine but its holy books and leaders are the problem."  That makes no sense whatsoever.  It is like saying that fish and chips are fine but only the fat is the problem. Sorry the fat goes with the fish and chips.  It makes them what they are.


Red Cross and Vatican helped thousands of Nazis to escape The Guardian

The Red Cross and the Vatican both helped thousands of Nazi war criminals and collaborators to escape after the second world war, according to a book that pulls together evidence from unpublished documents. The Red Cross has previously acknowledged that its efforts to help refugees were used by Nazis because administrators were overwhelmed, but the research suggests the numbers were much higher than thought. Gerald Steinacher, a research fellow at Harvard University, was given access to thousands of internal documents in the archives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The documents include Red Cross travel documents issued mistakenly to Nazis in the postwar chaos. They throw light on how and why mass murderers such as Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and Klaus Barbie and thousands of others evaded capture by the allies.

By comparing lists of wanted war criminals to travel documents, Steinacher says Britain and Canada alone inadvertently took in around 8,000 former Waffen-SS members in 1947, many on the basis of valid documents issued mistakenly. The documents – which are discussed in Steinacher's book Nazis on the Run: How Hitler's henchmen fled justice – offer a significant insight into Vatican thinking, particularly, because its own archives beyond 1939 are still closed. The Vatican has consistently refused to comment. Steinacher believes the Vatican's help was based on a hoped-for revival of European Christianity and dread of the Soviet Union. But through the Vatican Refugee Commission, war criminals were knowingly provided with false identities. The Red Cross, overwhelmed by millions of refugees, relied substantially on Vatican references and the often cursory Allied military checks in issuing travel papers, known as 10.100s. It believed it was primarily helping innocent refugees although correspondence between Red Cross delegations in Genoa, Rome and Geneva shows it was aware Nazis were getting through. "Although the ICRC has publicly apologised, its action went well beyond helping a few people," said Steinacher. Steinacher says the documents indicate that the Red Cross, mostly in Rome or Genoa, issued at least 120,000 of the 10.100s, and that 90% of ex-Nazis fled via Italy, mostly to Spain, and North and South America – notably Argentina. Former SS members often mixed with genuine refugees and presented themselves as stateless ethnic Germans to gain transit papers. Jews trying to get to Palestine via Italy were sometimes smuggled over the border with escaping Nazis. Steinacher says that individual Red Cross delegations issued war criminals with 10.100s "out of sympathy for individuals … political attitude, or simply because they were overburdened". Stolen documents were also used to whisk Nazis to safety. He said: "They were really in a dilemma. It was difficult. It wanted to get rid of the job. Nobody wanted to do it." The Red Cross refused to comment directly on Steinacher's findings but the organisation says on its website: "The ICRC has previously deplored the fact that Eichmann and other Nazi criminals misused its travel documents to cover their tracks." 

"Studying that war, one can perhaps accept that 25 percent of the SS were practicing Catholics and that no Catholic was ever even threatened with excommunication for participating in war crimes. (Joseph Goebbels was excommunicated, but that was earlier on, and he had after all brought it on himself for the offense of marrying a Protestant.)" - Christopher Hitchens "The collusion continued even after the war, as wanted Nazi criminals were spirited to South America by the infamous "rat line." It was the Vatican itself, with its ability to provide passports, documents, money, and contacts, which organized the escape network and also the necessary shelter and succor at the other end." - Christopher Hitchens.


Goldhagen also minces no words. In his introduction he writes, "Christianity is a religion that consecrated and spread throughout its domain a hatred of one group of people - the Jews. It libelously deemed them to be Christ-killers, children of the devil, desecrators and defilers of all goodness, responsible for an enormous range of human calamities and suffering. This hatred led Christians, over the course of two millennia, to commit many grave crimes against Jews, including mass murders. The best-known and largest of these mass murders is the Holocaust."

Konrad Adenauer, the first German Chancellor after WWII, wrote in 1946 "The German people as well as the bishops and clergy bear great guilt for the events in the concentration camps."

Where Goldhagen fails, Richard Steigmann-Gall, in his book "The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity", succeeds. He not only demonstrates a connection between Nazi antisemitism and Christian antisemitism; he shows without doubt that many high ranking Nazis where themselves Christian, and believed their movement was a Christian one. Here we have a much more to-the-point analysis. He shows what Nazis thought about Jesus, the Bible, Martin Luther, and the Reformation. Steigmann-Gall points out that the Nazis derived their ideology not from Catholicism, but rather PROTESTANTISM.

Goldhagen's book reveals that, despite recent professions and declarations to the contrary, the complicity of Pope Pius XII and the Roman Catholic Church was much deeper and more widespread than originally thought.


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