The Catholic Church more than any other religion is about getting around the fact that it is not your business what the person beside you is doing.  If they are lying nude in the garden and you cannot see then mind your own business.

We know we cannot tell somebody, "Don't cohabit with your partner.  It is a bad idea or even a sin!"  So religion gets around that by saying God said it.  So when it wants to tell the person to marry instead of living with the partner it knows it cannot so it says God is the one doing the telling and it is his business for he made us out of nothing and owns us and does not consider sin good for us.  What they don't tell you is that God can waive any rights to command us.

Catholicism has priests supposedly appointed by God to compel you to tell your sins to them in confession and then they use God's power to remove those sins and heal them if you are truly repentant. 

The fact is that what we do is not even God's business never mind the priest's.
Jesus said we must firstly love God with all our being and in second place our neighbour as ourselves. When God forbids us to put anything or anyone alongside him in our affections he really only cares about himself. That is all he made us for. It also means that those who do not believe cannot find any satisfaction in being helped by a Christian for that help is not given for their sake but for God’s so it is harmful to unbelievers. So when God is like that it is none of his business what we do and he has no right expecting us to come to him for pardon.
What business is it of God’s if I hurt another person? This is a big problem for the sacrament of reconciliation which plainly says it is his business and the business of the Church officials who are invested with divine judicial authority and the power to forgive and retain sins. Christians say God made the person and loves the person so to hurt the person is to insult his work and his love for that person. You are abusing the gifts God gave you so that you can hurt this person. You are insulting God.
So God is not worried about a person being hurt. He is worried about the insult to the gifts he has given to the person so he is worried about what he has done for the person being desecrated.
If a doctor saves the life of X and J seriously injures X does J have to express more sorrow to the doctor than X? Of course not.
Some say God doesn’t demand an apology from you to him when you hurt a person because the person is a person but because he loves the person. Religion claims that God alone matters and is to be loved which proves this. It is not the person who matters but God being offended.

The scandalous thing about this is that God is not literally offended. He is perfectly happy and cannot change and cannot feel pain. He only intellectually asserts that the sin should not happen but it does not harm him or make him sad. The scandal is that something beyond pain is put before something that can experience suffering. That is not the kind of morality we want by any standard.

We cannot deter ourselves from hurting others by telling ourselves it is wrong for it hurts God. We cannot have the fellow-feeling for God as we do a fellow human being. To go for forgiveness to God instead of the person you hurt is thus evil.
It cannot be God’s business when we hurt a person simply because that person is a person with feelings. In other words, it is not God’s concern if a person is hurt even if it is his concern that his love and gifts for that person have been affronted. God is not the person but the victim is the person therefore it is the victim’s concern only. God may disapprove of the person being hurt but that does not entitle him to be requested for his forgiveness. He is only forgiving for the insult to himself and his gifts but he is not forgiving for hurting the other person for that is not possible. That is between you and the other person. To go to confession instead of pleading for forgiveness from the person you have hurt is disgusting. If everybody knew that it was none of God’s business when we hurt another person nobody would follow religion anymore. The doctrine of the forgiving God who can forgive what is none of his business is dangerous for it suggests that God’s thinking is not ours and that we should follow his whether it makes sense or not or hurts or not.


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