Ex-Christian Robert Price in Blaming Jesus for Jehovah says that Jesus welcomed outcasts and urged people to turn their lives away from sin and did not rail against those who crucified him. But even that is not really praiseworthy. To welcome people with a view to see them come into a man-made faith that teaches violence in the name of God and worships a God who endorsed that violence is not what a good man does. It would not stop him being popular but it would stop him being good. And sin (a crime against God) violates his own teaching against unfair judgment for it is not fair to accuse people of offending God if there is no God to care what you do. You need to prove God has reveal moral laws before you can accuse anybody of sin. And bad people usually do not rail against those who are putting them to death. And the gospels would not tell us if Jesus was abusive on the cross.

Read the story of the poor widow who put a pittance into the Temple collection for it was all she had. Jesus said she had given more than the rest for she gave and left herself with nothing. Jesus himself said that if you give out of your wealth you deserve no praise because it is no loss to you. So then how could a man with miracle powers deserve a reward for magicing away somebody’s sickness? How can he deserve praise? His help cost him nothing. Jesus was an example of religiosity not humanity.

Luke says Jesus prayed for his tormenters saying that he wanted God to forgive them for they know not what they do. That is pure passive aggression for if you start saying evil people don’t know what they are doing you won’t feel angry enough to do something about them. And Jesus may have in fact railed against God on the cross for he roared that he was forsaken by God.

Do not forget that Jesus's main "good" trait, his forgiving nature, is not really a good trait. Why? Because he threatened those who would not forgive the same person several times a day by saying God would visit judgement on them and their sins would not be forgiven. In Matthew 18:34-35 Jesus warns that you will be tortured by God through torturers he employs if you don't forgive your brother sincerely. If you are threatened to forgive the end result will be a very unsatisfying forgiveness. Jesus' gospel spreads torture and if you don't embrace the torture worse will wait for you in the afterlife! Forgiveness has to be natural not forced. What Jesus advocated was a passive aggressive form of hypocrisy disguised as mercy. To bully people to forgive those who savaged them is reprehensible.

Jesus said that if your brother will not repent after a warning from you and the Church then let him be to you as a tax collector or Gentile.  See Matthew 18:17.  Some say this is a personal rejection - it is you rejecting the person not the Church doing it.  So love of enemies did not seem to apply if the person is a convert to Jesus!

Forgiveness is a religious smokescreen. Religion promotes it to make itself look good. It gives it great power. In fact, forgiving does not matter. What matters is preventing the hurt done to you from hurting you or excessively making you angry and bitter. Emotional control matters and forgiveness does not. Another suggestion is that if something bad happens to you mourn and that helps you work through the destructive power of how you feel. Christianity is a moral bully for it warns, "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’ For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive yours." This sweet passive aggressive doctrine from Jesus has caused untold harm. It means that fundamentally Christianity is morally flawed.

The Protestant religion tends to find that people get tired of its Jesus very quickly. Catholicism has a bigger hold over Catholics than Protestants do Protestants chiefly because the Church sets the saints as role models knowing that Jesus as God cannot be a humble role model.   And he was not exactly endearing for he never once gave his breakfast to the poor. The gospels found a dearth of his good works so they made up miracles about him helping people. The Catholics claim that Jesus is still with us as much today as he was when he was a visible man. If Catholics find him off-putting they reason, "But he is at work doing good and binding up the wounds of the sick through his saints and his people." That is a rationalisation. You could say that of Hitler.

It could be argued that if Jesus really made religion better that he was a moral relativist who thought that murdering other nations in the name of faith in God was okay in the past but not now. Is being a moral relativist really anything to boast about?

Christians say Jesus was truly God and truly man. This is the incarnation. It is the reason why Mary, Jesus' mother, is referred to as the mother of God. The notion of some that Jesus was sinless but limited by the incarnation and that was where his vicious or unedifying teachings came from is a fraud. God incarnate should not be doing things that look like sins. The believers are only trying to pretend that Jesus' bad behaviour was not really bad but just mistaken. The argument is speculation for the New Testament insists that Jesus was the quintessential role model and even better than sin-free Job of the Old Testament. And the believers do not use such excuses for other god-men such as Krishna.

The role model thing sounds very mythological.  What if Jesus had been say sexually abused and ended up with syphilis which could have affected his mind and behaviour?  What if like many of the saints he was supposedly infected with demons at times?  If he did bad things then he would still be a role model for these things were not freely down but down to his condition.  Jesus though not great is still a bit too good to be true.  Is God much of a God if he will become man but not one that has Aspergers?

We still do not have a man who laboured for the rights of the poor, for changing bad social structures, who condemned capital punishment and the torture of women accused of adultery and who gave away the last loaf he had. The “good” Jesus did even if it could be called good is cheap. It makes Christians feel good to have such a terrible role model for the same reason it made the pagans feel good to have gods with flawed morals and intelligence. It makes them feel better about the kind of people they are.

If you boast a role model like Jesus is this about using him to distract from your flaws?  Is it about using a bad mad to make yourself feel better about your badness?  Decide.


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