Religion does not like being told it might be a form of the occult.  It hates being asked if it is.  Yet the whole point of the word occult is that there is something hidden.  Most occult does not admit what it is.  For example, Tarot sessions can be disguised as life-coaching sessions.

There is no shortage of religious people who secretly say prayers that God will hurt others. Others are more open about it. Some of those who try to do evil with prayer are telling themselves that God will protect their victims from too much harm. They reason, "I don't want to kill Mary but just want her to lose her car." They may reason that by asking for some calamity to befall her at least they could be saving her from a worse one. Some pray for wealthy relatives to die suddenly so that they might get the inheritance and they hope God will make it up to them for the tragic death in the afterlife.

Religion says we need faith and to trust God enough so that if we have doubts or are verging on doubts we should prayerfully make the leap of faith.  Leaps of faith have killed martyrs.  They took a terrible risk in the name of faith and ended up dead.  They ended up identified and the persecutors were able to use that to target their families as well.  The leap has a bad side.  Now this leap is praised as great devotion and great confidence that all will eventually be okay.  But when you do evil you are taking a leap of faith too  You clearly have enough trust that even if what you are doing lands others in jail this will not happen to you.  You trust that the evil will serve you.  You clearly think God is evilly supporting you or the evil has an inherent magical power and you are a special case.  Evil is religious.  Evil is trying to transcend your life.  You know there are things you cannot change and you think evil is the solution and makes you rise above god-like.  Evil is faith. 

Everybody wants transcendence.  We think religion is the answer.  If we try it and it does not work it should take responsibility if we turn to evil.  We will turn.  It makes no admission of accountability at all.  And it is nothing remarkable that toxic religion has the strongest fan base.

The occult and religion are often distinguished.  But the fact remains that many religions are occult such as Tibetan Buddhism.  And the occult can deny being occult and pretend to be a religion. Catholic Christianity is a prime candidate for being an example of that! 

Religion says "the best reason if not the only reason to believe in God despite all the ill-will, the unjust suffering and temptations to do harm in the universe is actually evil itself.  We say there is no evil unless there is a God to see it as evil and ban it and work against it.  So evil is not real unless there is a perfectly good God.  Evil is evil because God is good and God is real.  So good and evil indicate the wisdom and authority of God."

You would think this is a word salad.  It is.  How do you get from, "Good shows that evil is out there", to "God shows that evil is out there"?

Something is going on.  Does religion really know what it means by the terms at all?

All of us agree with this, "Evil is that which tells me not to do it even as it invites me".  The other side of that is, "Good is that which tells me to do it."  So what do we need a God for? 

The attempt to make God and morality the same thing and thus get people interested in God backfires.  The main reason the God idea gets our attention, never mind our belief, is that miracles are claimed to be real.  Examples include the resurrection of Jesus or the revelation of the Qur'an to Muhammad.  The latter is in fact the best miracle for it means that God is claimed to give us information while with the former, people are talking about how Jesus inspires them.  The Qur'an is objective and is on paper and the Jesus experience material is too fanciful and subjective. 

Religion may not care about the best miracle or the best verified one.  It certainly cares about the one it wants you to think is true.  To define a miracle as religion does, as that which natural evidence or action cannot explain leads to a lying circle.  It is a lying circle.  Why? "We don't know how it has happened so we discern it is a miracle."  You are lying for you don't do that with other things you cannot explain. 

Occultism is marked by wanting signs to suit yourself.  An occultist would base faith more on spells having "results" and even if they seen Jesus rising from the dead that would not matter for it is not what she or he wants to believe.  Religion is definitely being occultic.  It is because evil helps one feel one is transcending that the occult tends to be linked with it.

Religion treats evil as some kind of infection.  Evil gets in if you don't fully oppose it.  In so far as you knowingly neglect to act against it, you are part of the problem.

Some say that evil wants to be seen.  Why would it?

Merely seeing it corrupts you according to some. Remember the Peck book The People of the Lie? Anyway does evil just do it like magic or something almost supernatural?  Does it pollute for it is rightly counting on us doing too little about it?  Does it get in because we already are at least a bit okay with it?  It could more than one thing then and perhaps there is something we haven't thought of.  There is the example as well for evil needs to attract and look exciting and transcendental.

If evil needs to be seen in order to spread, then this will happen if you wrongly think you see evil.  Or even if you see what may be evil. We can regard someone who feeds the criminals as evil in the sense that they want to reward them for harm.  Or perhaps they just want to look good and are using the criminals.  We all get suspicious about everybody.

Evil needs to be observed enough.  Not too much!  If it is too blatant it will provoke a reaction from the fearful and the righteous.  They will respond, even retaliate.  Even if it corrupts those who simply see it, that does not stop people trying to curtail it with violence.  Given that animals are killed mostly in agony and robbed of a good life to feed us it is clear that most evil is dressed up as good or necessary.  We only do a good work BECAUSE of evils like that.

And human nature is not really against evil as such but only certain forms of it. 

Evil needs to use good things as a cloak.  Even if evil is a power and is as real as electricity or if it something more abstract like a distorted good or a perversion it will do that.  The hiding is clever for making those who battle it look as if they are attacking good or attacking good as well.  It makes diagnosis of what exactly is happening harder so that a remedy may be hard to find.

The religionists speak of evil's corrupting power. We know the power of suggestion.  We are sort of brainwashed at some level.  Their message then can cause the evil they claim to oppose.

Anyway they explain that the evil always wants to be seen so it can draw the observer in.  If that is what they really think then they need to tell us what seeing it actually means.  They clearly mean that if you sense there is evil being done then that is all evil needs. It does not matter if the evil is there or not.  Evil uses the wrongly suspected as well as those who deserve your judgmental attention.  They are careful not to explain how evil supposedly uses the eyes or senses to enter. So they are preachers against it, not soldiers against it.  They leave you to the wolves.  They do not point to the gate you need to close.

With evil on television and everywhere it looks very bleak.  We are all on the slippery slope to being intolerably evil but we will probably die before that happens.  It takes time to have an effect.  This fearful notion may eventually have us all ending our lives.

It is undeniable that nobody fights evil as well as possible.  They may be good warriors but never excellent ones.  And we cannot look at a plan that has stopped some evil and be sure that a more effective and faster one did not exist.   One reason for why all efforts to deal with a problem are never as good as they could be is the suspicion that religion implants in society that evil is a major foe bigger than any person or group or society that has occult aspects or has some kind of advantage that we cannot understand. 

These teachings as good as say that real evil is some kind of magical occult force.  Religion denies that but the point is how much it is like one.  Religion may argue that evil is just a gap where good should be but is not.  It says God does not create evil for there is nothing as such to make.  But that only strengthens our argument.  Now we have a nothing that is able to behave like a malign intelligence and do things that border on supernatural or magical.

The occultism inherent in this shows that the response of religion, the prayers, exorcisms, saviours and priests are themselves deploying and invoking occult forces.


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