When Jesus said it was impossible for the rich to inherit God's kingdom, the apostles decided that as everybody had attachments to what they had and wealth is relative, that nobody had any hope. Jesus said, "With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

It is not clear from this if he thought God could do the literally impossible or if he could do what nature cannot do for as its creator he is stronger than it.

Religion says that he only meant man without divine help cannot get to God so he was not talking about the literally impossible but just the very unlikely.  Yes but we still don't know if he thought man getting to God was literally impossible.

Most people then did think that gods and God did the impossible in the strongest sense of the word.  They thought birds could give birth to humans if a god decreed it.

Religion says, "As God has made all things and used nothing at all in doing so, he is clearly all-powerful."

Can God create a rock that is too big for him to create? Can he make a God better than himself? That would be actually impossible. Yet some say that if he cannot, then he is not all-powerful. The answer is being able to do a nonsense would mean his power is nonsense. A contradiction refutes itself and is thus a nothing. It is only a word play. So he wouldn’t be powerful anyway. So he can only do what does not cancel itself out. But can God program our senses and brains so that we think he has made this rock or God? Yes. They are not as accurate as we like to believe anyway. We can be programmed to think rocks are alive. God already according to the Christian faith has programmed us to see rocks as cold matter and this just happens to be right.

So if God grants us a measure of accuracy in what we sense and think, then why? 

Does he do it just because he has to do something?  Then he does not think much of us at all.

Or if he loves us, does he do it for we would want him to?  But he puts the want in us so it is not really any better than the former suggestion.  It is contrived and degrading.  And if we say we just want and he obliges that makes no sense for we cannot consent when we are born as babies.  And if he is not creating the want then he is not God of all.

Or does it do it for he wants us to have accuracy and it is about his want?  Well we have a lot less accuracy than we realise. That is why learning is so time-consuming and also our memories pretend to record the past and lie to us.  They revise the past and that is what comes to you when you think back.  And if it is about his plan then how good is that plan really?  We are told that God would still be in the right if the whole universe were full of people in agony and never was and never will be any different.

Clearly God belief weakens our trust in our senses.  Despite what you are led to believe, being amazed at the luck and chance that have given us a functional even if not perfect accuracy is the best alternative.


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