Catholicism bans men with deep seated homosexual orientations from the priesthood 

God commanded in the Law of Moses that no man with a defect or disorder even a small one was allowed to go near his altar as a priest (Leviticus 21-22). The Vatican says homosexuals have a disorder. When God forbade the ordination of priest with no testicles or who have lost a part of their bodies he clearly forbade the ordination of homosexuals for their disorder is an inclination towards sin so it is far worse then the physical disorders. Many Catholic dissidents believe that the ordination of gay priests and bishops in the Roman Church is invalid. They are right that Catholic theology logically implies this because though Jesus accepted lepers as brothers it does not prove he wanted them as priests so the only objection to their stance fails. Others might say the priest had to be perfect to symbolise the perfection of the future saviour Jesus and now that Jesus has gone it is different but there is no evidence for that idea in the Bible. Catholics priests claim to represent Christ in a more special and magical way than those priests so the law that they had to have no disorder or deformity would apply more strongly to them. It has been suggested by Vatican spokesmen that gay men cannot be validly ordained as priests. They are not priests at all for their ordination didn’t work. One reason for this is that the heterosexual priest gives up marriage and family for God while the homosexual ordination candidate is not. What he is giving up is, what the Church sees as an inclination towards depraved sex and disordered relationships so this cannot constitute a sacrifice in the Church’s eyes. This is one example of how in practice which is really where it counts how the Church treats homosexuals as inferior human beings. The Church should admit this instead of pretending it does not believe homosexuals are disordered persons but persons with disorders as if there is a difference. That is like saying persons are seeing people and not people with sight which makes no sense. Legal proceedings must be deployed against all homophobic religions to enforce change. What is so special about religion that it should get away with what it does? It's only a man-made establishment.


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