If God or nothing made evil then where did evil come from?

The Christians say that evil is not a force or a power or real.

All it is is good that is not good in the right way. It is good in the wrong place and time. It is a lack. Just as space in theory could be the lack of something and is nothing.

The thinking behind that is that good is about existence. Existence and being real are good. In other words, something that exists is good for existing. That is good.

If you believe in God then God being that which exists of himself. He receives his being or existence from nothing. So for that reason only God is absolute total good.

So if good is existence then evil is that which tries to make good cease to exist. Even if a good thing is ruined it still exists and is not destroyed completely but evil is bad for it tries to make it cease to exist. If creation makes then evil tries to do a reverse-creation. More evil means less existing.
Another idea that follows from all that is that if you are a bad person then as far as you exist you are good.
If creation were as is organised chaotic mess it would still be good for it exists. It cannot be called evil.
So evil as in falling short of being better is only happening because nothing can be perfect unless it is God. Some call this natural evil.
This evil needs to exist before moral evil as in the rejection of love justice and mercy can be possible.
Some argue that though natural evil is not real moral evil certainly is and the sinner makes it real for there can be no sin apart from the sinner.
  affirming that finite nature as such is
neither good nor bad in the ethical sense, but simply
non-moral or neutral. Evil does not inhere in things

The idea that what is not a God must be imperfect denies the Christian doctrine that in Heaven there is only good and no evil.

sin is not abstract for it cannot exist except in a person and as part of a person.  It is thus not the same evil as natural evil at all.
but in the will.

if creation has to make things imperfect and imperfection is evil then it follows that evil is necessary.  The other evil of moral evil is possible in theory.
 Nature is good so evil is unnatural.
 So far we are talking about good that is metaphysical or intrinsic. We are not talking about good as in moral good which involves ideas such as love and justice and mercy.
 It does not follow that all things being good means that one thing is as good as another. A burnt dinner is not as good as a properly cooked one.
No natural thing is as good as God therefore there is a built in imperfection - a failure to be as good as it can be.
It is because these things are good that evil as in imperfection is a problem with each and every one of them. The evil doe snot come from the good but depends on it. Good has to exist and only then is it possible to fall short. Evil is good in the sense that it shows the thing could be so much better and should be. Evil can only hurt what is good so it bears witness to goodness. An eye is meant to see. If it does not see that shows it should
This evil is good in the sense that it is good in the wrong place and time and not good enough. Remember this is not about moral good. There is nothing ethics-related yet. Evil and sin are two related but different ideas.
For St Augustine the reason things fall short of being truly good is because all things are made from nothing. What does the origin of things have to do with it?
Fro some, evil is in nature, it is in sin or in the punishment of sin.  
Augustine argued that as we have free will and can abuse it we cannot say there is any evidence that free will shows that God is in any way bad.
Evil is like a wound and it is perversion. Moral evil is a perversion of your nature. It is to be hostile to your nature and to try to destroy it and kill it. God controls our evil but he does not cause it or love it or in any way approve of it.
ing his conception of God and nature, we did not
ultimate nature is nothing. There is no such thing
as intrinsic evil.
Metaphysically, evil is a negation. Ethically,
evil is positive and real.


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