Pope Francis lies for Islam

The Pope, speaking of the Islamic State, says real religion is non-violent.  This is odd considering how the Church always strongly endorsed capital punishment!

He is being unCatholic in his lies for the fact remains that religion is a standard set up by authority that even leaders can fall away from but which remains independent of their opinions and beliefs.  In other words, it is not up to members or leaders to try to change or falsify religious doctrine for it is not their doctrine to change.
His Bible records how God supposedly got Joshua and co to invade another country and slaughter to get wealth and land etc. Even modern Catholicism endorses the just war idea and war is always "regulated" terrorism and leads to terrorism. The lust for land and power can be religious.
The claim that the members of ISIS and the likes of it are not Muslim is total hypocritical nonsense. Maybe they are not - not every group that claims to be Muslim or Christian necessarily is but when they are not doing anything that God didn’t supposedly tell the first Muslims to do they are probably Muslim. The same people recognise the violent popes such as Innocent III as Catholics! Nobody says a Catholic who commits adultery or murder is not a Catholic. If a religion has no intrinsic power to prevent violence by spiritual means, that makes the religion potentially dangerous. Hypocritically denying that a religion is ever bad only enables the problem.
And most members of any religion tend to be frequently disobedient to that religion. So it could be unMuslim of Muslims to be peaceful. And the fact remains that they still revere violent scriptures as God’s truth. Their revulsion of evil and bloodshed does not go far enough. And that is where the worry is. That lack is where the terrorists of tomorrow come from.
Notice that the pope said, “To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege. To discriminate in the name of God is inhuman”. Now it is violent in spirit to accuse people of gravely insulting a God who might not be there at all or who might not care. What about innocent until proven guilty? And it is only few terrorists in a terrorist organisation that can really be called inhuman. Many evil people are still very human. The pope wants to rob them of their humanity and dehumanise them.
The pope is lying because he stands by the Catholic teaching that the Bible is God’s infallible world 100% and he knows that God directed Moses and God’s people to become terrorists where the people of Canaan were concerned. Jesus would have known all that and yet he reinforced the teaching of the Bible as infallible and based himself and his claims and his doctrines on it. Before Jesus allegedly did away with the brutal Jewish law did he stone people to death? Who knows?
The pope endorses the just war theory but any honest person knows that if it is applied nobody really knows for sure if the war was really just. You take a chance. It is okay as a theory but is not very helpful on the practical level. He will not care that from ISIS’s perspective, what they are doing is a just war blessed by God.
We are expected to glorify Islam which does not have anything in its scriptures like, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” That is strange and even the Pope expects it.
If you say God gave a book of commands and you are going to live by the nice commands and not the nasty ones then you are a hypocrite. You will not be convincing anybody who is inclined to kill for God.
Catholic teaching is that the law is good and that the Church has the right to reinstate some of it or all of it if it wishes. Acts 15 supports that doctrine. For Catholicism, the rules can be reinstated as guidelines rather than law for it says Jesus made the law our guide not our taskmaster.
That means that if Catholics stone people to death as the law commands the Church cannot object on the grounds of principle.
The pope's hypocrisy and lie are just nauseating. They insult the victims of the Islamic State. And some of the terrorists are victims too for they are turned into killing machines!

To blame individuals not the religion for the violence they do in the name of faith or the religion or its prophet is to suggest possible mental illness is to blame. How could jihadists be mentally ill when all over the world they do the same things and many struggle internally to get the strength to carry out the attacks?  The danger is that their violence is not seen as having anything to do with Islam but to do with illness. The mentally ill are insulted when that is done.  That is a kind of terrorism against people who are mentally unwell.  Islam is being protected by those who blame the mind.  Interestingly, every prophet complains about disobedient followers and Muhammad was no exception.  Jihadists know he was violent which is why you cannot blame them for not listening to the few Muslim leaders who oppose their terrorism.  Islam is to blame even if every imam bans violence.
Society needs to start dealing with Muslims or anybody else who believes that God wrote violent scriptures. They need to be dealt with firmly and assertively for only education and empathy will overcome religions that sanction violent books and violence. Liberal scholars give the false impression that you can be a Catholic or Muslim or whatever and not be strict but it is not their place to say that. They are scholars they are not the religion. And their lies and the confusion they spread makes it harder to deal with the fact that to be the real deal you have to be a strict Catholic or Muslim or whatever.

When the holy book of Islam which despite its length is a creed and the heart of the religion NEVER advocates tolerance for non-Muslim religionists or Muslim heretics we cannot be surprised at the emergence of ISIS and must see it as a legitimate variation of Islam if not the most honest form of Islam.

Those who say Islamic terrorism is not religious need to stop the lazy thinking. The Koran does preach violence. Believers in God hold he makes evil and lets it happen for good reasons thus opening the door to Bible and Muslim prophets like Moses who believed God was giving them the right to say have witches stoned to death. The Koran preaches violence and that alone is dangerous for human nature being what it is will be only too keen to be inspired by it.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but the terrorists kill in their name.  You don't have to endorse the terrorists for them to kill in your name.  Things are done in your name whether you like it or not.  The Muslims are mostly giving a shrug of the shoulders when the terrorists kill non-Muslims.  That may as well be endorsement for it is too weak in the face of such grave evil and suffering.  And ISIS is careful to attack venues where truly committed Muslims are unlikely to be present such as Ariane Grande concerts.


Re Irish Atheists looking for crucifix removed from a council chamber. Those who put it up claimed that the Muslims did not object.

It is hard to believe that the Muslims did not object. Surely they know that if they asked for Islamic symbols to be put up they would not be put up. Plus the crucifix is offensive to Islam - it claims Jesus was crucified contrary to the Koran. And the Koran is vehement against religious images in case the person ends up attached to a perception of God rather than God himself. Some are saying the cross is merely symbolic and does not encourage Christianity or advertise it. This is utter nonsense. Of course it does. If it doesn't, then why are some so anxious to have it displayed? No good Christian would ask for the cross to be treated as a mere symbol of cultural and historical interest.


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