Regarding people joining ISIS and risking their children: Funny if we were not culturally Christian or Muslim and a new religion came along with holy books commanding violence (eg Jesus agreeing with what God did to Sodom and agreeing with Old Testament laws from God commanding stoning and the Koran saying heretics must be persecuted for God says so) we would consider it child abuse to choose such a religion for our children. Religion remember holds that these books are what they claim to be the unerring word of God! That is some praise and sanction when you consider the contents!




on thejournal 6 July 2019 re Leo Varadkar referring to priest hypocrites preaching against sin and then sinning behind the altar - he was forced to apologise despite not having implied that all priests were like that


The reality is that nobody cares that Leo as a gay man is accused by the Catholic Church of a grave sin and bad example. It is Catholic teaching that gay sex needs to be repented and absolved in confession before one can have the forgiveness of God and have eternal life. The whole context of what Jesus was about suggests that the physical act is seriously sinful. It is insane to imagine a man who banned remarriage after divorce would condone gay relationships. Jesus strongly condemned anybody setting the moral laws of the Bible God aside so he was as good as saying with Leviticus that a man lying with a man is committing a terrible sin.  See Mark 7.  Liberal Catholics are living in fantasy land and are actually guilty of ideology - Marx wrote that ideology never admits that it got its force through violence in word or action. They have the nerve like Josepha Madigan to pretend that abortion and gay sex can fit Catholicism. It is not up to anybody to alter what Jesus or his apostles set up. I am speaking as an atheist. By the way the Presbyterian Church got abuse recently for banning active gay couples from communion as if the Catholic Church does not say the same thing! Where is the logic?


on thejournal 3 Jan 2018 in response to the death of Mormon Prophet Thomas Monson


Monson as per the website knew fine well that if his religion is from man and not God. There is the hideous doctrine in the Book of Mormon that the Holy Spirit inspired and helped Nephi to kill the brother of Laban to steal his brass plates. Nothing gives any religion the right to insult human life with such a teaching. It is enough to justify leaving the religion. The Church keeps a lot of the damning data under lock and key. Of all religions that have credibility problems and a total disrespect for evidence Mormonism tops the list. By the way, Mormons do not believe in the God of endless power and who has no body of Christianity, but believe a man lived a good enough life despite his sins and resurrected to become God the Father. Jesus is another God. God for Mormons is an exalted man of flesh and bone but not blood and unlike the Christian God cannot live inside anybody‚Äôs heart. Catholicism regards Mormon baptism as a waste of time and invalid. There is the issue that if God is just a magic man then he is a murderer for he is to blame for taking human life. Christians deny that God is a murderer for he is too different from human beings and does not have any feelings but is more like a power than anything else. The Christians believe that Jesus is God but that means that God remains God but took on an additional nature which means that Jesus is still subject to God and may not even understand all that God does. As good as Mormons may be it is not fair if people are sacrificing themselves in the name of religion if it is a false religion. To sacrifice yourself in the name of humankind is a different thing for you are not doing it to honour any religious system of belief.  Mormonism is also big money and is more interested in investment than charity.


Regarding a Christian group condemned by parents for telling children in schools that abortion is always wrong


We must realise that it is stupid to expect those who believe abortion is always the murder of an innocent human being and those who think the mother's right to control her body comes first to be tolerant of each other. Tolerance has its limits. I am pro-choice and pro-abortion so I argue that parents sending their children to Catholic schools are in fact exposing them to a manipulative religion that will want them to go and fight abortion and even protest outside abortion clinics. The Christian ethos is the problem for it leads to extremism and bigotry. The Catholic ethos is just a disgrace and needs to be rooted out of schools. No matter what lies Christians tell about loving the woman, they think that if a brick could fall on her by pure chance so that she will not get pregnant and abort that is for the best. Remember they regard an accidental death as different from abortion which they see as a deliberate assassination.


Human nature always invented gods with dubious morals to worship.  The gods were like humans in the sense that they were likeable enough but had a nasty side just like we do.  That is the real attraction Christianity and Islam have for people.  They acclaim a God who they think will give them what they want but who may hurt other people unjustly.  They get a bigger buzz from a God who they think makes them special but abuses other people particularly those who they paint as immoral.   That is why their God commanding murder, killing babies cruelly, discriminating against women and bullying does not bother them.  The list could go on.  They want a good God as long as good means what suits them and they get comfort from it when things go wrong.

Moderate Christians and moderate Muslims could be heretics and weak cherry-picking believers and so cannot be considered representative of the religions. It is telling that a faith needs moderates - it shows that doctrinally and in its moral doctrine it is dangerous. A moderate religion would not need members to water it down. No spin from the pope or anybody else changes the fact that Jesus was violent in spirit (Matthew 23) and was clear that Hell is not purely a self-inflicted state and must be taken literally when he said it is a torture chamber run by God and the angels. Jesus made the vicious Old Testament his rock and the Koran has more verses calling for hate than for peace. That hate verses are made sacred is bad in itself. It is a fact that if a Christian Church or Muslim entity gets enough power in the state they show their true colours.


God magically makes sure that at death though you live on you cannot repent anymore. He calls all to repent except those who are about to die. it is warped to be okay with a God who gives you countless chances if you kill millions and who kicks you in the guts in your deathbed when you cant do any more harm! It is not God who is warped for he does not exist but the believers certainly are.


When an irrational cult gets big enough it gets honoured then as a bona fide religion. There is implicit sectarianism in it all. A person who said their dead dog was still alive for their pendant around the neck was transubstantiated into the dog would be considered a crank and in need of help even by the Church. Because we are so used to Catholics seeking a personal relationship, the most important one of all, with a wafer we don't see how twisted the religion is.



Psychology Today on Free Will

Free will as in deserving to be punished or rewarded is a total assumption. It is only popular because it is needed to put the blame on man not God for evil and suffering. It serves a terrible purpose if that is all it is endorsed for! Free will could be real but about making choices that are not by their nature morally relevant. Free will or not, we are not responsible for our tendency to do harm and that must be blamed on God if you believe in him or considered just to be natural if you don't.


Pinknews Katie Hopkins thinks gay men who sleep around and won't use condoms should not be getting free HIV prevention drugs when the NHS is struggling enough with people who have conditions that have nothing to do with lifestyle


As vile as her attitude is, remember it is Catholic teaching that God has attached bad consequences to sin. The Church says sin punishes you itself. The Catholic teaching is that many of those gay men are to blame for their HIV. The implication is that they should not be given help equally with people who have conditions that just happen. I admire her candour what you see is what you get. Christianity needs to be as outspoken so that we may see its true homophobic colours. Even worse is the fact that Catholicism would rid the world of condoms if it could ... Hopkins is not the only enemy.



Pinknews having a problem with the praise given to Castro despite his persecuting gay people and lists him along with Hitler and others

Jesus Christ took responsibility for giving Moses a law that demanded that gay men be stoned to death along with statue worshippers and mediums and others. He even went as far as to say at the start of his Sermon on the Mount that he had no intention of contradicting the law.  The law was dropped by Christianity after his death for it could not afford to antagonise the liberal societies of Greece and Rome. Add him to your list.


2016 canonisation of Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa was the biggest example of somebody who does "good" not good.  The problem is how the Church enables her message and makes her a saint.  Pope Francis and his cronies are passive aggressive in how they ignore the truth.  A religion needs to be condemned more for the evil it opens the door to than what it does or has done. 

A comment says, "If dealing with the suffering brings one closer to God or spurs one on to relieve the suffering of others, that is a good thing."  You don't need to believe in God to use your suffering to motivate you to reach out and help other sufferers.  In fact seeing suffering as random and a fact of life should make you hate it more than one who thinks it is part of God's alleged plot to bring good out of it.   To say you do need to believe is just insulting.  And how could suffering be good if it makes you close to a God who makes you suffer?  Believers in God in some way do wallow in suffering and water down how terrible i t is for others.  They cannot admit that a God who hurts people or WORSE who lets them be hurt (letting hurt happen is worse than hurting for at least when you hurt you know how much hurt you expect to happen) is unworthy of worship.
I have realised from a comment above that she had no right to take that Nobel Prize.  She was not a true humanitarian.  She could not even be trusted with money for she put faith before people and used suffering  to invite people to her understanding of faith.  Inviting people to a vague sense of faith is one thing but a specific faith is a different matter.


The accusation against Cliff Richard

Point 1, why do some people say there is no evidence? Only the police can know that.

Point 2, to say Cliff is innocent risks smearing the accuser. What if it is true?

Point 3, in weighing the wrongness of Cliff being falsely accused and wrongly convicted, this is nothing compared to a victim failing to get justice for a horrific intolerable crime. I am not accusing Cliff, I am saying that a wrong conviction is a lesser evil than Cliff being wrongfully cleared. Think of the victim. Victims and alleged victims come first. Better to risk injustice against the accused than the victim. Human nature is biased anyway. That is why the bias should be in favour of the victim or alleged victim.

Also, too many victims do not get justice and see their attacker go free.

Innocent until proven guilty is nonsense. You can be guilty without it being provable.


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