Belfast Telegraph runs a story about a mother and lesbian daughter leaving the Presbyterian Church in Ireland over its ban for baptism for babies who belong to same sex parents and the latter are banned from communion

Why does a minority religion like the Presbyterian Church get picked on by the media for banning baptisms for the children of same sex parents when it is apparent that the parents will not teach the sinfulness of homosexuality to the children? The Catholic Church does the same rule and indeed in its sacred tradition has more abusive statements against LGB than the Bible has. Why is there no pressure on the Church to apologise for those traditions?

The pope is esteemed despite his bigoted Amoris Laetitia which accuses committed gay relationships of not having the remotest resemblance to marriage as set up by God. And the Church quotes the text banning gay sex on pain of being stoned to death as proving homosexuality is a sin. That is gross passive aggression and an insult to the innocent men who died.

It is Catholic doctrine that Jesus has made it a sin if you take communion while living in a same sex relationship or being unrepentant for having gay sex. The Church says the homosexual is not a full member until he repents and goes to confession and repents for ever thinking that homosexuality is not a sin.

I don't care for Presbyterianism as a religion - it is a false religion. But that is not the point. We are getting to the point where we are asked to pretend that gay sex being a sin is not a Christian teaching. That is a lie. LGBT rights is one thing but it must never be turned into an ideology. The hate against their religion by the woman and her gay daughter contrasts with the lack of vitriol that comes from the Church which merely says, "we are not excluding you. Here is what you must do. Our religion our rules. It is up to you and we will respect your right to walk away."


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