Pro-Life hypocrisy

Pro-life here in Ireland seems totally Catholic. I hate the label pro-life for it has been turned into something unclear. Pro-life people are often only trying to destroy women's rights in the name of life and are not really pro-life. It is still Catholic teaching that the death penalty is not a sin in itself but just not really necessary any more. After all its Jesus sentenced himself to death in sacrifice and the Bible he said was authored by God and which according to Catholic teaching has no errors in faith or morals commands brutal forms of execution by divine command. Jesus' hero Moses who he even called up from the dead for a friendly chat and who Jesus took to be the top prophet of God before Jesus and John the Baptist said God told him to have homosexuals and adulterers and heretics and statue worshippers and witches and fortunetellers and sabbath breakers violently stoned to death. Most of these victims were women. Jesus is alleged to have dropped these laws but he didn't say they were wrong. In fact he just kept saying they were right but just not for the current circumstances. He told an adulteress that she cannot be stoned for the stoners are as bad as her and that she deserved it. The Bible God says a man should be fined for causing a miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy but should not be executed as he would be if he killed a human being. Some Catholics get a loophole through this text for allowing abortion. And some think God takes the soul out so that it is only the body of the baby that dies in abortion not the baby. My message is that faith and religion are not really protection against abortion and are lying about their respect for human life. Their respect is conditional and limited and is more about being a performance than concern for truth.

The Council of Trent, Session VI, Canon VIII infallibly decrees: "If any one saith, that the fear of hell,-whereby, by grieving for our sins, we flee unto the mercy of God, or refrain from sinning,-is a sin, or makes sinners worse; let him be anathema."  A faith that pretends you are good and holy and repentant when you just worry about saving your own skin from Hell is virtually condoning your abortion if that is the sin you carry!

 It is odd how Catholics think their faith protects from abortion and abortion legislation when it has so abysmally failed.  Rebel Catholics such as those in Catholics for Choice do not even want the unborn baby given painkillers prior to abortion.  Catholicism is a placebo for evil and tends to rationalise suffering as a gift.


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