A prophet is a person who functions as a kind of channel for God for God to speak through, which often involves telling what God has shown them about the future.  It is remarkable that prophets are nearly all men and not a single woman has ever been an important prophet.

The Law of God in Deuteronomy 18 decrees that if a prophet who accurately predicts the future at all times and makes one prediction that fails, he is to be stoned to death.  It says he is a false prophet for God does not err.  So it says God does not speak through prophets who err in reporting what he said or who lie about receiving revelations. 

The standard is high and so it should be.  We should expect awesome amazing evidence that somebody is really inspired by God and is his prophet.  Deuteronomy says that a prophet can be miraculously right nearly all the time and still not be a prophet of God.  This warns us that even if somebody does miracles and shows they really do know the future and can forecast the lottery numbers they are getting the power from some source other than God.  The person is not a prophet of God.  Deuteronomy 18 denies the religious lie that miracles are signs from God saying where the true faith is and which church teaches it.   This makes a question mark appear over Jesus’ big sign, the resurrection. 

The standard eliminates Moses and Jesus and John the Baptist and several others as true prophets as they showed no power to tell the future.  They made no predictions except for Jesus who is terribly unimpressive.  Jesus' fulfilled prophecies were recorded after the event.  The ones still to be fulfilled are vague and show he didn't know the future at all and was only guessing. 

Too many prophecies have not been fulfilled - it only looks like they have been.  All prophets make some guesses that prove accurate.  It should be that prophecies that come true cannot be rationally explained.   It is worse to make no prophecies that fall into this category than to make many prophecies that come true and get one wrong. 

Prophets are evil men because they predict wars which influences politics and evil men.  For example, the Bible prophecies about Palestine about its future and about it belonging to the Jews by divine right have incited religious wars in modern times and influenced the loathsome machinations of Christian US President, George Bush.  Real prophets should only predict wholesome and nice things.  Jesus predicted simply apocalyptic and nasty rubbish so that shows what kind of person he really was if he ever lived.


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